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Piedmont College is a college of the liberal arts that is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and is located in Demorest, Georgia. Piedmont College focuses its efforts on providing students with a good education that isn’t split between too many recipients at once. In other words, the student to faculty ratio is 15 to 1, and the instructors that are matched to this ratio are qualified, motivated, and dedicated to their students. The model is simple: students strive to achieve and Piedmont College gives them the resources to excel.

Piedmont College offers a panel of courses for students learning at a distance to take advantage of. Online courses are perfect for students that want to cut commuting out of their schedule, or even fill out coursework on the side will pursuing their present occupations. For whatever reason the student takes these courses, credits earned online can be used in a variety of ways.

There is currently no mention of a complete online degree program that is offered by Piedmont College, although online degree programs are lucrative and Piedmont is apt to feature them soon. If the student desires to complete their degree online, one course of action that can be taken is to complete as many online credits as possible and transfer to another institution that does feature online degree programs. Most colleges and universities around the United States will accept credits earned online from Piedmont College.

Students at Piedmont College pursue certain majors and degrees in high concentration. These concentrations are fortified both with increased enrollment and the reactionary investment that Piedmont has compensated with. Curriculum & Instruction is the most concentrated major at Piedmont College with Elementary Education & Teaching. What is best to pursue at Piedmont College is a position somewhere in the field of Educational Leadership. The fourth and fifth most popular fields of study at Piedmont are Secondary Education & Teaching and Intermediate Education & Teaching.

Students enrolling at the undergraduate level will pay $18,000 per year when participating on a full-time basis or $750 per credit hour when taking classes part-time. Full-time graduate students should expect to pay the annual fee of $7,110, or $395 per credit hour, if they prefer part-time scheduling. 98% of students attending Piedmont College are receiving financial aid one way or another.

Federal grants are dispersed to 1 out of 4 students as a yearly approximate average. State and local sources combine to supply 93% of students attending Piedmont College due to grants and awards for tuition purposes. Piedmont College itself supplies roughly half of the student population with scholarships, awards, and other grants to help curtail the cost of a higher education.

Piedmont is not for many, though it is perfect for few. Students that enroll at Piedmont College should prepare to do their best, as Piedmont delivers the best to its students in return. For distance learners, online courses can be taken to your liking. There is likely to be an online degree program appearing in the near future.

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