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Pikeville College is a college of the liberal arts that shares affiliations with the Presbyterian Church and is situated in Pikeville, Kentucky. Pikeville College has received continual accreditation from the Commission on College of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Pikeville College strives to provide its students with the best instruction that it can get its hands on with 3 out of 5 instructors holding the terminal degree in their respective fields. That aside, the student populace has accumulated to over 1,300 students that represent 32 states and 7 foreign countries.

Pikeville College currently does not feature online courses or distance education programs, although that does not bar the possibility of these programs from being established soon. Many colleges and universities, through various methods, have established online platforms for distance education successfully and effectively. It is merely a question of time and not if the college will feature distance learning in the near future.

As a college loosely based in Christian standing, Pikeville College is beholden to three major strengths: Business, Nursing, and Teaching. Most Christian colleges around the country feature strong Business programs for leadership purposes, Nursing for ethicality, and Teaching for the dissemination of knowledge. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the top majors at Pikeville College are Business Administration & Management, Nursing, and Elementary Education & Teaching.

Pikeville is a four-year institution, which means Business majors at the college often pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or simply a Bachelor of Business Administration; either of these two credentials can be expanded upon to reach the common Master of Business Administration. Teachers, on the other hand pursue the route of the Bachelor of Arts in Teaching to later obtain their master’s degree. Nurses will follow suit in their baccalaureate education and most often pursue a Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing track, with some nurses opting to pursue the Associate of Science in Nursing.

Being that Pikeville College is a baccalaureate institution, only undergraduate tuition rates apply. Undergraduate students enrolling on a full-time basis should expect to pay $14,250 per year or, otherwise, $594 per credit hour for part-time tuition. A total of 98% of students at Pikeville College get financial aid.

Federal grants are distributed to approximately 6 out of 10 students at Pikeville College, as a usual trend. Pikeville College itself supplies  94% of its students with institutional grants, such as scholarships or merit-based awards, making it the widest and the leading contributor of financial aid for its students. State and local sources combine to supply roughly 7 out of 10 students leaving just under half of Pikeville students to participate in student loans.

Pikeville College is a solid college that performs the mundane task of education with a solid, steady fervor. Students will not be put off by education when they receive it from Pikeville. Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to climb on board, but the opportunity will arise soon enough as Pikeville begins work on online platforms.

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