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Pine Manor College is a women’s college of the liberal arts that is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Students at Pine Manor College get high quality education that is as interactive as it is accessible. Class sizes are kept small and students receive the individual attention they need to grasp their coursework with certainty and rigor. Students often come to Pine Manor for its diverse atmosphere and the air of inspiration that seems to propel students through their study. Other students take advantage of Pine Manor’s bounteous academic support, for the college has earned a reputation for this as well.

Currently, Pine Manor College does not feature online programs or distance learning of any sort. This is only a current issue, however, as Pine Manor is apt to introduce distance education opportunities in the near future. It could be that Pine Manor places emphasis on the advantages of a single-sex environment, although, most women’s colleges have online options. Distance learners, females it looks like, will have access to Pine Manor academics very soon.

One topic that is wise to pursue at Pine Manor is that of Communications & Media Studies. Many aspiring women have found not only quality instruction in these fields, but swift and generous employment after their collegiate campaigns draw to a close. Communications has often bridged into the field of Journalism, allowing women to bridge over to the topic if so desired.

Biology and/or Biological Sciences also receive/s a lot of academic attention from Pine Manor in the ways of administering classes for this major and the results these classes have produced. There is also a popular level of enrollment for Biology et al. for its prestigious implementation and the facilities that come with the coursework. Some other popular fields of study include, but are not limited to Family & Consumer Services, Liberal Arts, Visual & Performing Arts, Psychology, Business, and Social Sciences.

Full-time students at the undergraduate level will typically pay $18,957 per year or $575 per credit hour when enrolling on a part-time basis. Graduate students are charged a uniform $10,250 per year regardless as to whether or not they are enrolled full or part-time. 96% of women attending Pine Minor earn financial aid.

Pine Manor itself is responsible for the financial aid of 95% of its students making it the largest and the leading contributor of institutional grants, like scholarships and academic awards. Federal grants make it into the pockets of approximately 6 out of 10 students a year. State and local sources combine to comprise the financial aid for 5 out of 11 students attending Pine Manor.

Pine Manor is not just a women’s only college. It is rather a springboard of opportunity for women to achieve their goals uninhibited by mundane distractions and difficulties. Distance learners may not yet have the opportunity to participate in academics at Pine Manor, but this opportunity will appear soon.

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