Pinnacle Career Institute Distance Learning

Pinnacle Career Institute distance learning, or PCI, is a professional career college located in the Midwestern United States. Like many professional colleges, PCI offers degrees in Business, Alternative Energy, Health and Fitness, Medical Specialties, Trades and Technical, and Electronics. However, PCI is more than just a career institute; they are committed to helping students secure their “dream job” after graduation. For example, graduates of PCI are employed in reputable companies such as Dell, Sprint, Southwestern Bell, Nielson Media Research, 24 Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, and the YMCA in addition to local businesses in medicine, cosmetology and much more.

The mission of PCI is to provide their students with a student-centered, professional education that will empower them to better their lives and positively contribute to their professional field. As such, PCI fulfills this mission and seeks to best serve non-traditional students and adult learners by employing distance learning. Distance learning can occur in one of two ways. One way is through “off-campus” distance learning, where students attend a satellite campus that is most convenient to them. PCI has campuses in North Kansas City, Missouri, South Kansas City, Missouri, and Lawrence, Kansas. The South Kansas City location is the main campus, and was opened in 1953. As such, PCI has over 50 years of excellence in providing students with a professional education.

Another distance learning method is to teach classes online, thus allowing students from any location to obtain a degree. True to their mission, PCI employs online distance learning in addition to on-campus distance learning. Associate’s degrees and professional certificates can be earned online through distance learning. Pinnacle Career Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

Associate’s degrees are awarded as an Associate of Occupational Studies. Degrees include Health Information Technology, Information Technology, Business Administration, and Medical Billing and Coding. The Business Administration degree allows students to choose from a specialization in either Human Resources Management, or Marketing and Advertising. Associate’s degrees typically take between 16-18 months.

Certificate programs allow students to earn a professional certificate in a given professional program. Certificates are not degrees, and as such, take less time to earn; many certificates can be earned in 1 year or less! Professional Certificates available through distance learning include Personal Training and Wind Turbine Technology. Blended distance learning, where students take classes both on-campus and online, is offered through PCI’s Flex Education Program. Degrees and certificates that are eligible for blended distance learning include Medical Billing and Coding, Personal Training, and Wind Turbine Technician.

Information on tuition and fees can be obtained by contacting PCI through their website. PCI offers financial aid in the form of grants, federal loans, and scholarships to those who qualify. PCI offers a variety of generous scholarships to eligible students. PCI’s Online Education programs are approved by the Department of Veteran’s Administration to participate in federally funded training programs for current and former military and their family.

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