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Pittsburg State University is a university of public status that is located in Pittsburg, Kansas. At Pittsburg State University, the administrators fight against the ravages that most large universities exhibit. For one, the classes are kept small and with a good student to faculty ratio, 15 to 1, in order to ensure quality education for the thousands of students that attend campus each year. On top of that, Pittsburg State invests in its students by equipping them with cutting-edge facilities, a large portfolio of majors, programs, and classes to choose from and, of course, quality instruction.

Pittsburg State University features a relatively large variety of online options for distance learners to take advantage of. To start with, there is a selection of courses spanning virtually any topic that the students can use to fill out the necessary credits they need. Online credits earned from Pittsburg State University are backed by the university’s accreditation and good academic standing; students need not fear a lack of employability or a lack of status among credential holders that earned their degree on campus.

Pittsburg State also hosts a variety of online programs designed to deliver a distance learner from start to finish without having to set foot on campus! These programs exist at the graduate level and, unfortunately, Pittsburg State doesn’t seem to feature any undergraduate online degree programs, with the exception of the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Graduates can achieve a Master of Science in Educational Leadership, a Master of Science in Educational Technology, a Master of Engineering Technology, a Master of Arts in History, a Master of Science in Health, Human Performance, & Recreation, a Master of Science in Human Resource Development or a Master of Science in Reading. Any of these programs can be pursued at a standard full-time or part-time pace. Students can also permute the programs to be taken at an accelerated pace, if the student so desires.

Since Pittsburg State University is public, tuition rates vary based on the status of the student’s residency. Resident/Non-resident undergraduate students should expect to pay $3,420/$11,674 per year when enrolling full-time or $154/$429 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduate resident/non-resident students will pay $3,980/$11,028 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis or $206/$500 per credit hour when taking courses part-time.

State and local sources provide 15% of Pittsburg State University students with financial aid through grants and scholarly awards. Federal grants double that percentage with Pell grants, and other forms of federal aid. Pittsburg State itself supplies 30% of its students with financial aid and in the greatest non-repayable amount. This means scholarships, merit-based awards, and grants based on a variety of factors, usually past academic performance.

Pittsburg State University may be large, but this doesn’t mean students get lost in the fabric. Each student’s education is tailored to individually to give them a learning experience they can both benefit from and enjoy. Distance learners can follow suit by taking courses online or earning their graduate degree from home.

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  1. Les Newton says:

    I would like to know if you still offer Bachelors degree in enviromental technology management online or in same realm. I have a supervisor(Joe Foster who is in this online dgree program). I cant find it on your web site.

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