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Point Loma Nazarene University is a Christian college of the liberal arts that is situated in Point Loma, California. Students at Point Loma receive not only a great and complete education, but are supplied with all of the things that make a Christian education unique and nourishing on multiple levels. As a Christian college, Point Loma loops much of its curriculum through the liberal arts and Christian ethic to give students a proper, ethical Christian perspective when pursuing their studies. Following this is a simple commitment to academic quality and the best possible end result for all student education.

Point Loma Nazarene University currently hasn’t vested its time into creating online classes or distance learning programs, although it is bound to in the near future. Many universities and colleges of various backgrounds, sizes, rank, and affiliation have all assembled online courses and programs for distance learners to take advantage of. Point Loma is merely a question of time, as its academics are ripe for expansion and have achieved consistent quality and results.

The best in quality goes for Point Loma’s business majors, with the highest concentration of students pursuing the field of General Business or its subsidiary studies, like Economics and Finance. Many business majors have earned their degree and moved onward to successful careers; not only is Point Loma a good place to receive a degree in Business, it is a good place to obtain a job as well.

As a Christian college, Point Loma has followed the general trend of featuring a strong concentration in Nursing as well. Students most commonly pursue the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing academic track with some progressing onward to receive their Master of Science in Nursing, the terminal degree doesn’t seem to be offered. Some other popular majors include, but are not limited to Education, Liberal Arts Studies, Psychology, Health Professions, Communications, Visual & Performing Arts, and Social Sciences.

For undergraduates applying full-time, the annual fee of tuition comes out to $24,850 or, if the undergraduate is applying part-time, the cost is $1,024 per credit hour. Graduates pay much less, $8,370 per year when enrolling full-time and $465 per credit hour if they choose a part-time schedule. 87% of students at Point Loma Nazarene University earn financial aid, either through merit based or need based forms.

Federal grants are dispersed, as a yearly approximate average, to 20% of all students attending Point Loma Nazarene. State and local sources combine to supply roughly the same recipient population at the university, but in greater supply of funds. Point Loma itself allots financial aid in the form of institutional grants to 77% of its students with scholarships, merit-based awards, and grants based on a variety of factors.

For the Christian student that needs a quality education, Point Loma Nazarene University is the school to turn to. For distance learning, this will distinctly be a future possibility. For now, Point Loma Nazarene will be concentrating its efforts for those who learn on campus.

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