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Formerly known as Polytechnic University distance learning, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, or NYU-Poly, has over 150 years of excellence in education. NYU-Poly is a private institution that offers degrees in engineering, technology, applied sciences, and research. Polytechnic University was founded in 1856 and became an affiliate of New York University in 2008. NYU-Poly’s main campus is located in downtown Brooklyn, with satellite campuses Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester. Additionally, NYU-Poly participates in global distance learning, with campuses online, and abroad in Israel, China, and Abu Dhabi.

The mission of NYU-Poly is to provide a high-quality education based on discovery and innovation so that students can make an impact locally, nationally, and globally. The driving force behind NYU-Poly’s mission is invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship, or i2e. True to it’s roots, i2e goes beyond simple classroom and laboratory work; students are given real-world problems to solve and market demands to meet. Examples of i2e application include the development of penicillin, laser and mobile phone technology.

As previously mentioned, NYU-Poly participates in online distance learning which allows prospective students from all over the world to earn a degree from this prestigious institution. NYU-Poly’s online distance learning institute is known as NYU-ePoly. Online distance learning courses are great for students who wish to further their education, enhance their computer skills, and make connections with like-minded professors and peers in an increasingly global society.

NYU-ePoly offers distance learning degrees at the master’s level, as well as graduate certificates. Master’s degrees are awarded as a Master of Science (MS), and offered in the following subject matter: Bioinformatics, Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Organizational Behavior, and Telecommunications Networks. NYU-ePoly also offers a Masters of Engineering (ME) in Interdisciplinary Studies in Engineering with an emphasis in Wireless Innovation. Certificates (CT) are available in Bioinformatics, Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity, Power Electronics and Systems, Telecommunications Networks, and Wireless Communications.

In order to qualify for admission, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Institutions must be accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting agency, as well as by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), the Computer Science Accreditation Board (CSAB), and/or the American Chemical Society (ACS). Furthermore, applicants must have cumulative GPA of at least a B or 3.0. Students who wish to change careers and do not hold a degree in applied science, engineering, technology, or research must take pre-requisite classes and may not receive graduate credit for these additional courses.

As a private institution, tuition is more expensive that for public universities. However, this is an investment in a unique degree from a respected university. Tuition and fees for NYU-ePoly are approximately $1,194 per credit, and additional, one-time fees of $220 apply each semester. Financial aid is available for those who qualify in the form of grants, federal and private loans, scholarship and graduate assistant positions. NYU-Poly is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Project. As such, veterans are eligible for reduced tuition, GI Bill benefits, and additional tuition assistance.

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