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Pomona College is a prestigious college of the liberal arts that is the first of the Claremont Colleges and is located in Claremont California. Pomona College is a place to learn when you want a solid education that is both personalized and that of top status. Student to faculty ratio is 8 to 1 in order to deliver this education. Instructors that teach at Pomona College are the top instructors in their field, most of them holding terminal degrees in their respective studies. Students at Pomona College receive only the best in education.

Pomona College doesn’t feature any online classes or distance education programs at the present moment. Historically, Pomona College has concentrated its resources towards assuring an optimal experience for students on campus. It will only be a matter of time before Pomona College widens its curriculum to accommodate online courses whereupon they can ensure an optimal experience for distance learners as well. The grand majority of colleges and universities around the United States feature distance learning in some form and Pomona is apt to follow suit.

Students learning from Pomona College have sought Economics with high level of interest. The academic programs in Economics are said to be among the top in the country, mostly due to the top instructors that Pomona has garnered for this purpose. Students pursuing Economics at Pomona have gone on to become top columnists, analysts, and consultants merely for their academic merit, and also due to the educational rank that Pomona College asserts.

There is also concentrated interest in the fields of Psychology, English Language & Literature, History, and Neuroscience. With a grouping of Neuroscience majors in the fray, Pomona College is notable to be not just a college of the liberal arts, but also a good school for the sciences as well. Equal academic emphasis has been placed on the sciences and science facilities as other curricular installments.

Pomona College is a four-year institution, and thusly only undergraduate rates apply. Undergraduate students will pay the cost of $35,318 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis. There is no separate rate per credit hour for undergraduate enrollment insinuating that, regardless of whether or not the student is enrolled part-time or full-time, a full-time flat rate is charged. Students paying $30,000+ per year for their education may have difficulty financing their education. Fortunately, 59% of students on campus is receiving financial aid to some extent.

Federal grants are distributed to a yearly approximate average of 35% of the student body. State and local sources supply students with much more funding, but to only 4% of the students enrolled at Pomona College. Pomona College itself allots generous grants that cover most of tuition to approximately half of all students enrolled.

Pomona College is a prestigious college that is recognized as one of America’s premier liberal arts colleges. Distance learners may not yet have an opportunity to participate in Pomona’s academics, however, online classes are on their way soon enough.

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