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Prairie View A&M University is a university that is historically African-American, a member of the Texas A&M University System, and is located in Prairie View Texas. Prairie View dedicates its resources towards achieving excellence in research, service to the community, and instructional quality. Prairie View achieves this by proposing solutions through services and programs that address the needs of the individuals that come to Prairie View for their higher education. Topics that students can learn from at Prairie View are Natural Science, Architecture, Business, Criminal Justice, Agricultural Sciences, Computer Engineering, and many more topics not listed here.

Prairie View offers a good collection of online courses for distance learners to take advantage of in addition to a few select online degree programs. Online courses can be taken in a variety of ways and Prairie View A&M makes sure that distance learners have the flexibility that they choose distance learning for. All classes and programs orchestrated by Prairie View A&M are attended to by instructors that would otherwise be teaching on campus. All credits and degrees are backed by the accreditation and rank that Prairie View has established and received.

Students can take online courses individually or arrange them to be put toward one of Prairie View’s online degree programs. One such online degree program at Prairie A&M is the Master of Science in Juvenile Justice program. This master’s degree program was designed to build off of previous credentials in this major and take the student to a graduate level qualification. Students take courses like Psychology & the Juvenile Law, Psychology of Crime & Delinquency, Foundations of Juvenile Justice, and Applied Statistical Methods.

There is also the option of the online Master of Business Administration offered at Prairie View. The degree is put in place to supply students with knowledge and necessary skill to succeed in for-profit or nonprofit entities. It should be noted that this program admits students that have achieved a credential in this field already, such as the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Since Prairie View A&M University is supported publicly, tuition rates depend on the student’s status of residency. Resident/Non-resident students will pay $4,590/$13,020 annually when applying for a full-time schedule or $153/$434 per credit hour when enrolling at a part-time rate. Resident/Non-resident graduates will pay $3,294/$8,388 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis or $183/$466 per credit hour when the student enrolls part-time.

37% of Prairie View A&M students is receiving financial aid from federal sources for tuition purposes. State and local grants supply 1 out of 4 students approximately each term. Institutional grants, like scholarships and awards are given to 23% of Prairie View students by the university itself.

Prairie View A&M University is a university that instills success in each of its students with simple academic investment. Distance learners can partake in graduate level online degrees or take courses online if they so desire. Opportunities in distance education are likely to expand in the near future.

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