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Pratt Institute is a college of the arts that is located in New York City, New York. Pratt Institute is a community that is both dynamic and creative that unites creative individuals by their passions. Students are given the opportunity to interact with instructors that work directly in their field of interest. In this way, students get a top education that is both engrossing and relevant. There are many resources that a student can choose from whether they are on campus or online. At Pratt Institute, success is a shared goal.

Pratt Institute features a wide array of online courses that fit virtually any topic and any major that the student needs. The course selection is so wide and so far-reaching that it is possible for a student to take all of the credits necessary for a particular degree of interest all online. Courses can be taken individually if the student doesn’t desire to subscribe to any particular major just yet.

All credits and courses that are offered at Pratt Institute are backed by Pratt Institute instructors that would otherwise be teaching on campus. Students can rest assured that any credits or credentials earned online from Pratt Institute are backed by the accreditation and academic status that Pratt Institute has achieved. Topics that can be learned online include Design Management, Fashion, Humanities, Cultural Studies, Architecture, Sustainable Energy, and many more categories not mentioned here. For each topic, there is a full selection of courses that teach in that particular area, as opposed to the limited online selection many other colleges are content with.

Online course titles include Fieldwork in Art & Design Education, Creative Arts Therapy, Introduction to Computer Graphics, Drawing, History & Theory of Architecture, Morphology, Construction: Concrete & Steel, and many more courses not addressed in this list. Students will have no trouble taking all of the courses they need online because Pratt Institute makes sure to include everything the distance learner could possibly require.

Students at the undergraduate level will pay $31,700 per year while enrolling with a full-time schedule or $1,026 for each credit hour if arranging classes individually. Graduate students will pay $20,142 per year on a full-time schedule or $1,134 per credit hour when enrolling at a part-time pace. Students paying in upwards of $20,000 or $30,000 per year may find it difficult to finance an education like this. Fortunately, 88% of students at Pratt Institute receive financial aid in some form and to some degree.

Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 1 out of 3 students attending Pratt Institute. State and local resources combine to supply 22% of students attending the school, as a yearly approximate average. Pratt Institute itself allots generous institutional grants to 76% of its students in effort to curtail the cost of a higher education.

Pratt Institute aims to take all the people it can to a level of success. Distance learners will find virtually everything they need when enrolling online. Pratt Institute has done well to adapt to the devices of distance education and works to supply more and more people with the tools they need to get ahead.

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