Preparing for the AP Psych Exam

Across the nation, AP exam week starts tomorrow with AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and AP Psychology. For those of you who have AP classes, I wish you the best of luck in passing. This article is going to go over the things I used to study the past couple of weeks in preparation for the test. From online games to sitting down and actually studying, I am certain that I will make a passing score on the test (more likely a three or four than a five, but still good nonetheless!)

A quote by humanistic psychologist, Abraham Maslow. (photo by ecastro)

A quote by humanistic psychologist, Abraham Maslow. (photo by ecastro)

1. Good Ol’ Fashioned Index Cards

If your teacher is anything like mine, throughout the year you were given assignments on each chapter to take notes on, on index cards. My teacher used the format of as follows: definition of term, example of term, and application of term. Frankly, the latter is not that big of a help in my opinion – considering on the Psych essays, they give you the situation in which to apply the term. Nonetheless it is a smart concept to go over these. Frankly, AP Psych is called one of the easiest AP exams because all it is is memory-based. Do you know the definitions and how to use them? Then you’ll be just fine.

2.’s Psychology Game

This has got to be my favorite way of studying for the test. Here’s the game if you want to check it out (and I insist that you do!) For the record, it was created by Pratheek Nagaraj – who also has World History, AP English Lang, and US History on his page. To view his other works, click here.

The game has over six hundred words, so each time you play, you will get a new bunch into the mix. In playing, you can choose between a 25 question set, 50, or a 75 question set. In my experience playing the game (I played about four times), it only took about ten minutes each time, if not less than that. The game also times your speed – not that you will ever run out of time, but it’s a very convenient feat, considering you can simulate how quickly you will answer the questions on the day of the AP test. You can also review or study more, if you receive a poor “grade” on the game.

3. Quizlet

As with any other subject, I strongly recommend using Quizlet. Chances are, whatever the subject in question may be, someone has created a set of “flashcards” for you to study from. You have two options with Quizlet. Either study, or play a game. In the “study” section, there are three choices; speller, learn, and test. As for the “game” section, there are two: Scatter and Space Race. Scatter is more or less a matching game, and Space Race is a mix between a spelling and race-against-the-clock game. Here’s the most helpful AP Psychology Quizlet I could find.

At the end of the day, you’re either ready or not. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate and cram the night before. Frankly, you shouldn’t even do that. If you haven’t studied until just now, you may want to review in the morning, about an hour before the test instead, as I stated in this post.


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