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Presbyterian College is a college of the liberal arts that is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and is located in Clinton, South Carolina. The Washington Monthly has ranked Presbyterian College as the 26th best liberal arts college in the United States. Presbyterian College has also received praise for the quality of education they conduct at the price they charge. Student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1, meaning that students will never feel crowded in their learning environment. In addition, instructors at Presbyterian are the most recognized and awarded of any college or university in South Carolina.

Presbyterian College currently does not host online classes nor does it feature distance education resources that can be currently taken advantage of. Presbyterian College is that of a prestigious higher education institution and certainly has plenty of resources with which to work in its various campaigns. Many Christian colleges and universities around the United States have successfully implemented and orchestrated distance learning appendages. It is likely that Presbyterian College will follow suit.

As a Christian College, Presbyterian College seeks to develop a framework of Christian morality that students can rely on when they pursue their studies. Presbyterian College educates the whole student and enhances the mind while nourishing the spirit. Students enrolled at Presbyterian College will not feel lost or uncertain about their course of study.

Christian colleges and universities tend to specialize in three fields: Business, Nursing, and Education. Presbyterian College specializes in Business with the highest concentration of students in the college pursuing this field of study. Many students choose Business Administration & Management as their major and go on after their studies at Presbyterian to pursue the popular Master of Business Administration. Some popular majors at Presbyterian College include Biology, Biological Sciences, General History, Political Science & Government, and Psychology.

Since Presbyterian College is a baccalaureate institution, only undergraduate rates apply. Undergraduate students enrolling full-time will pay $25,472 per year or, when enrolling part-time, $1,060 per credit hour. Some students have difficulty financing an education that exceeds the yearly cost of $25,000. Fortunately, 98% of students at Presbyterian College are receiving financial aid in some form.

Federal grants are given to 1 out of 5 students attending Presbyterian College, as a yearly approximate average. State and local grants make it into the pockets of roughly 2 out of 3 Presbyterian students. Presbyterian College itself supplies all 98% of receiving students with some form of an institutional grant, usually a scholarship or an award. This leaves 45% of students attending the college to participate in student loans to finance their education.

Presbyterian College is a college that time has refined to the highest quality. There may not yet be opportunities for distance learners to hop on board, although, this opportunity will come with time and possibly in the near future. Presbyterian College represents the highest in educational standards and will take great care in the programs they administer.

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    i am looking for master civil engineering deistance learning. please info how to enroll and tuition fee.

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