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Prescott College is a college of the liberal arts that is located in Prescott, Arizona. Students attending Prescott College can earn anywhere from their Bachelor’s degree all the way to their doctoral degree. Prescott believes that learning is self-directed and that colleges shouldn’t interfere too much with how the student desires their education.

Also important at Prescott College is the value of experiential learning, or learning that is gained from practice. At this college, one does not simply take a class and move on to the next one. At Prescott College, students gain valuable experience that advances their knowledge to a meaningful and productive level.

Prescott College currently does not feature any distance learning programs or online classes for distance education purposes. Distance learners may see opportunities arise soon, as many colleges and universities of the liberal arts have successfully introduced and administered online classes and online degree programs for distance learners. The usual trend is to start with online classes and expand outwards to guided courses of study leading to a degree. In this respect, distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon.

Faculty are highly qualified, much of the faculty holds the terminal degree in their area of study that they teach. This is especially true for the major of Teacher Education. Students pursuing teaching careers can benefit from instructors that have extensively researched and written about educational leadership, teaching skills, and instructional techniques. Many students at Prescott pursue Elementary-level teaching courses that will later allow them to teach children at a young age. Prescott also has programs that can grant students their teaching licensure.

Environmental Studies are also emphasized at Prescott College, with many students choosing this as their major, minor, or general field of study. Environmental Studies often branch into Sustainable Energy, and other broader topics like Geology. Students majoring in Environmental Studies have often matriculated into these categories for employment.

Undergraduate students enrolling at Prescott College on a full-time basis will pay $21,942 per year or $597 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Graduate students will pay $13,608 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis and $567 per credit hour when enrolling on a part-time basis. Students paying above $20,000 per year may find it difficult to finance their education. Fortunately, 87% of students on campus are receiving financial aid in some form.

Federal grants are distributed to 1 out of 4 students approximately each year at Prescott College. State and local sources combine to supply 3% of the student populace with grants and awards for tuition purposes. Prescott College itself supplies 81% of its students with institutional grants, like scholarships and academic funding, based on a variety of factors, usually prior academic performance.

Prescott College is a college that treats each individual student as if they have already graduated. Students have the freedom to choose and explore topics that will help them get ahead. Distance learners will soon be able to participate in Prescott College academics, perhaps even earn their degree in the near future.

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