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Princeton University is a university based in research that is located at Princeton, New Jersey. Princeton is a community that is vibrant and inspiring to both its students and the faculty and scholars that attend. Princeton is world renowned in that it provides education of the highest caliber for students that strive to achieve. Learning has to partly occur by discovery and Princeton incorporates elements of classroom learning with discovery that the student uncovers themselves. The university conducts education for students of all levels and serves as a springboard of opportunity for students to leap into their careers from.

Princeton, at its present course, does not feature distance learning or online classes. Princeton has been a university for centuries and has had a history of delivering quality education to students that have been enrolled on campus. Many colleges and universities around the United States that date back centuries have successfully initialized and delivered online education for distance learners to partake in. It is possible that Princeton will follow suit and offer online education courses in the near future.

Students at Princeton University study Economics in the highest concentration. As a prestigious university, Economics students gain individualized access to professionals that work in vocations of Economic Analysis and Consultation. Economics bleeds off into Business studies to some extent, and students have gone on to pursue business when approaching Economics apart from majoring in Economics exclusively.

Another popular topic to study at Princeton University is Public Policy Analysis. This is a more specific field pertaining to Government, Sociology, Economics, and many subsequent studies that blend together to form this field. Many students who study this particular field matriculate to or from Political Science & Government for reasons of gaining a more specific look at the field of interest. Some other popular majors include, but are not limited to History, Molecular Biology, Sociology, Business, and Psychology.

Princeton allows students to study at the graduate or undergraduate level, but charges identical rates for both levels of education. There are also no part-time construction methods, but rather a single flat rate charged regardless of full-time or part-time status. Students enrolling at Princeton University pay $34,290 per year. Financing an education above $30,000 per year can be difficult. Fortunately, 56% of students at Princeton are receiving financial aid in some form.

Federal grants are dispersed to 9% of the student population at Princeton University. State and/or local sources supply roughly the same student population with grants and awards for tuition purposes. Princeton University itself supplies 56% of its students with institutional grants, like scholarships or academic merit awards, that are based on a variety of factors, usually academic performance and records.

Princeton University is a top college in the United States for a variety of reasons. It is not easy getting into Princeton, but a good education is always challenging. Distance learners may see an opportunity to participate in the near future.

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