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Principia College is an institution of higher education for Christian Scientists and is located in Elsah, Illinois. People from all over the county and the world come to study and share their philosophies in one common interest: Christian Science. Principia College is a top notch institution that offers education based in the liberal arts designed to give Christian students the selection they need and the well-rounded study they desire. In addition, personalized education is important and emphatically stressed at the college as well. Teachers are happy to assist their students individually and do so in the most positive and supportive manner.

The Principia does not currently feature online education nor does it host distance learning capabilities for distance learners to peruse. There have been many Christian colleges and universities located around the country that have successfully and effectively implemented distance education for students that can’t make it to campus. Most colleges and universities host distance learning in general. Therefore, it is logical to expect opportunities to arise from the Principia in the near future.

As a school of Christian Science, it is important for the Principia to supply students with the proper Christian rite and support. The Principia educates the whole student with programs that enhance the mind and an atmosphere that nourishes the spirit. In this way the student can function not only properly, but in their greatest element.

Principia College features an academic profile that is both similar to a typical Christian school and for from it. Many Christian colleges and universities around the United States are strongest in the field of Business. Principia College features a strong Business education program for majors in Business Administration & Management and its subsidiary studies.

What is unique about Principia College is that there is also a heavy concentration in Fine Arts and Studio Arts. Usually, a Christian College is largely popular for Nursing and Education aside from Business enrollment. Instead, the second highest concentration is comprised of expression and art forms.

Since Principia College is baccalaureate in nature, only undergraduate rates apply to tuition. Undergraduate students enrolling at Principia College will pay the annual fee of $22,650 per year when enrolling full-time and $503 per credit hour when enrolling part-time. Financing an education above $20,000 per year can be difficult, but there is plenty of financial aid available to Principia College students to offset this.

Principia College is a college of Christian Science and cannot receive financial aid from federal sources or state sources and students haven’t applied for these aid sources. However, Principia College supplies 91% of its students with institutional grants for tuition purposes, usually academic awards for past academic performance or scholarships.

Principia College is a scholarly place that upholds the highest standards in education when it comes to Christian Science. Distance learners will soon be able to join the campus with online instruments that are on their way. For the time being, Principia College focuses its efforts towards maintaining education of the highest caliber for students on campus.

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