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In addition to understanding that we need to change the way we think about education and raising our children as I talked of in my last post, Project RED has, in 2010, studied and researched the technology we use in classrooms to improve performance and usability. They sought to discover the following: with technology used properly, student achievement can benefit, the use of said technology in classrooms will prove to be revenue, and when technology is implemented in a student’s life, there is increased academic and financial benefit. There is a beauty to the fact that with improved education, the economy will flourish as well.

Project RED is all about growth, much like a flower, through the use of technology. (photo by geishaboy500)

Project RED is all about growth, much like a flower, through the use of technology. (photo by geishaboy500)

They ended up finding several things, and they are as follows (you can read them in entirety here):

1. Education success can be contributed to these nine concepts: technology implemented in classrooms, management of leadership, online collaborations, technology is implemented into core classrooms, assessments are given, a low student-computer ratio, virtual field trips, use of search engines, and principal training.

2. When technology is used effectively and properly, you will save money. Ten percent of paperwork will be reduced with the implementation of technology, as well as three percent of expenses from copy machines being reduced. In total, this is thirteen percent of materials less spent on more traditional methods of teaching.

3. Schools with a low ratio of student-to-computer access perform better than students with a higher ratio of student-to-computer access. More specifically, schools with a low ratio of 1:1 will perform better than those without a 1:1 ratio.

4. Good principals attribute to change in the school at a teacher level. All levels of administration will count towards the betterment of an education system.

5. It is better learning with technology implemented, for students are able to move at their own pace, and the teacher is involved on a small group basis, not speaking directly to an entire classroom.

6. Students are more engaged and productive when in online collaborations. I can’t really expand on this one – it is self explanatory.

7. Schools must use repetition in regards to utilizing technology in the classroom. Without continuous use of technology on a daily basis, you will not realize the benefits of all of the above.

Now, since the hypotheses have been realized in conclusion, Project RED seeks to transform schools for the better using their design. It is no wonder there is such emphasis on the use of technology in the classroom – we are a technological age of technologically savvy people who work the best through technology. I understand that that was a mouthful, but nonetheless, it is absolutely true!

In the Project Red Design, as linked here, the project is guaranteed success. Why? Because the whole concept was to discover why other methods for making success were failing – and Project RED has done exactly that. They have seen both success and failures, which ultimately attribute to an overall success. Now, with a step-by-step guide of how to implement technology effectively, you are able to help your students effectively grow as they never have before.

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