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For many of us, high school prom has already passed – and if that is the case, awesome, glad you’re here to read this. For others, it is a night of wonder that is to come. However, it is not the actual prom night that has the spotlight in this article. Instead, it is the before and after that is the focal point of this post – the quintessential media-driven imagery of the after party, more specifically.

Prom can be the best night of your high school life. (photo by seanmcgrath)

Prom can be the best night of your high school life. (photo by seanmcgrath)

We all hear it in our classes, in the hallways, at the lockers, everywhere: “Where’s the after party? Who’s throwing it?” Yes, it’s prom, and you probably will want to go party – or at least do something that equates to what you believe is the same amount of fun. Whether it be at a hotel room or a friend’s house, chances are it will be your typical “high school” party, with alcohol present, if not drugs as well. If that is the case – you must decide beforehand what will happen.

Society is not dumb or oblivious enough to believe that kids or even technical adults won’t do this – and so, we must say that if you do plan on drinking or falling under some substance, do not drive. Make plans beforehand – if someone is to be a designated driver, if you can sleep at the location you’re drinking at, etc… The last thing you want to do is endanger your life and other’s lives. The statistics of student-aged deaths in April to May is quite saddening.

In any case, April is subsequently Alcohol Awareness Month. According to this link from, in 2005, a total of 676 students under the age of 21 were killed in alcohol related accidents during the last few months of school. Even the sheriff at my high school approached each classroom with seniors enrolled and gave a speech and answered questions on drunk driving and drug abuse. He went on to say the same information that I gave previously, including the prospect that, “…every year it happens to one person, and we never think it will be someone in our school – until it is.”

Perhaps in attempt to motivate you, also has an article linked entitled, “Risky Business on Prom Night,” explaining why your “perfect night” will be ruined with the influence of alcohol due to a forgetful nature, an embarrassment of yourself along with your date, getting kicked out of prom, and possibly disciplined by suspension from school or even an arrest.

Again, it’s better to be on the safe than sorry side. For the past twenty-three years, Safe and Sober has led a campaign for a safe prom night, which includes taking a pledge, as well as information that may be pertinent to you in regards to staying safe and sober. Founded in 1991, Safe and Sober allows for education on drugs and alcohol that can be the difference between life and death for many high school students in NC and greater Carolinas.

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