Pros and Cons of Online School

Wondering if you should take online courses or not? Read this article about pros and cons of online school help you to make the decision.

Taking a class online may or may not be the right choice for you. (Photo by: Richard Wayne Photography)


1. Flexible Time: Taking courses online gives you the freedom to manage your own time. Unlike the traditional school, online school does not have a fixed schedule that you have to follow. You can learn the material, do the assignments, and take the tests any time you want. But remember, there is still a time limit on each course to make sure your progress.

2. Flexible Location: You can take online courses anywhere you want, once you have a computer. You may think the Internet limits the location where you can study online. But you really only need the Internet when submitting an assignment or taking a test. You can still work on the materials and assignments without the Internet.

3. Less Distraction: Online school creates an undistracted environment for students, because you are learning by yourself most of the time. There is no peer pressure, such as talking in class, procrastinating on homework, or copying each others’ work.

4. More Course Choices: Online school usually provides many courses not available in traditional school. In a traditional school, the availability of courses depends on many factors, including the number of students who signed up for the course, the availability of teachers, or funding of certain courses. However, those factors do not have as big effect on online schools as on traditional schools. Check this course listings of Florida Virtual School to get an idea of courses offered by an online school. Another online school website you may go to is

5. Save Money: Many online schools are free, especially those for middle school or high school education. As for in college, taking some courses online is cheaper than taking it in a traditional classroom. Also, you can save the cost on transportation, since you can just take courses home.

6. Environmental Benefit: Yes, online school help to protect the environment. Because online courses do not require any textbook or paper, less trees are used.


1. Time Management Challenge: Students who are used to procrastinating would have difficulties in online schools. Check this post to learn how to manage time.

2. Less Help From the Teachers: Online teachers play a limited role in your education. They do not teach you the materials and they interact with you less often than traditional classroom teachers. And the main ways of interaction are emails and phone calls. Talking without seeing each other has different results from a face-to-face conversation.

3. Requires Technology: Computer and the Internet are needed for online school. However, not every student has access to the technology.

4. Socializing Concern: Online Students have much fewer opportunities to interact with their peers. They would miss experiences like football games or Prom, which are only available in traditional school setting.

5. Value of Online Education: Some people think it is easier to take courses online. Employers may not take your online diploma seriously, even though the situation is changing.


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