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It’s time. The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. The bird has learned to fly and has glided out of the nest. Your parents do their best to raise you for the real world and to be able to fly on your own. When it is time for you to leave to college, they have many questions and things to worry about. One of the biggest things they worry about is where their kid(s) will live and how they will live.

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Benefits to living in a dorm.(photo credit State Library and Archives of Florida)

Once you know which college you are attending to, do you live on campus or off campus?  There are many pros to living on campus. Your freshman year you are unsure and shy. You are in a whole new area with so many new people. You might even be in a new state or city. When you live on campus, you are more likely to be involved with other students in your major or your grade. There are many activities and clubs you can join in.

You also have access to all that the campus has to offer all the time. You have more time to study and do your work. You don’t have to worry as much to do homework before getting to class because it takes less time to get class. You also have the chance to get a job on campus easier. There are many stores and food places on campus for you to apply for. You are walking distance to a job that is in a safe area. You don’t have to worry about getting home safely or worry about getting to work on time.

As a young adult, you are excited and anxious to get that freedom that you have been dreaming and wishing for years. There is no curfew and you are in a safe place. There are places for you to relax and eat while security being available. So your parents can relax knowing you are safe and you can feel free to roam and be yourself.

College is a huge expense and living on campus can help in many ways. You do not have to worry about getting gas as much. Most of your expenses are around you and it will be easier to focus on your expenses and keep a good balance.

College is not a necessarily easy place. You are on your own and have to adapt to a new way of living. You have to be independent and learn how to balance everything out. You must keep up with your own work and be careful with money. You may not have many people you know right away in college so you might feel secluded. So getting to live on campus helps you with all of those issues. There is a whole network of people who are just starting off and people who have figured it out that can help you. Secondary school is not an easy transition but it is worth it and can be made easier living in a place with access to help everywhere.


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