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Providence College is a university that is Catholic in tradition and values and is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Providence College, for 13 consecutive years, has been named as one of the top two institutions of higher learning at the master’s level in the North by U.S. News & World Report. Education administered at Providence College is of the highest degree and is strictly refined to remain at the highest degree. Students will find that their studies are bounteous and rigorous giving them an experience that will last throughout college and into their careers.

Providence College does feature online programs and courses, but these are generally meant to supplement study that is conducted on campus, although distance learners have been able to participate. There are some online courses that can be taken and there are also measures taken by Providence College to provide online tutoring and specific training. Besides this, it doesn’t seem as though a student can earn their degree online. However, it does appear that students can earn credits online to put towards a degree later earned on campus.

In a case like this where total distance education is not possible, distance learners can choose instead to complete as many credits as possible online and then take a trip to campus to complete their degree or required credits. There is also the option of taking credits online until there are no classes left to satisfy a particular major, whereupon a student can transfer their credits to an institution that does feature the desired online degree program. Most colleges and universities around the United States will accept credits earned online from Providence College.

As a Catholic college, Providence does well to specialize in Business. Many students attending Providence major in Business Administration & Management and have been elevated to some of the highest opportunities in transferring from education to occupation. Most students in this major pursue the Master of Business Administration.

Undergraduate students will pay $30,800 per year when participating in a full-time schedule at Providence College or $276 for each credit hour if participating part-time. Graduate students pay $6,993 per year if the students enroll full-time and $333 per credit hour if they decide to enroll part-time. Financing an education that exceeds $30,000 per year can be difficult, however, 79% of students at Providence College are receiving financial aid in some form to offset this.

Federal grants are distributed to 13% of Providence College students for tuition purposes. State and local sources combine to supply approximately the same percentage of students in any given term or semester. Institutional grants, like scholarships and merit-based awards, are allotted to 2 out of 3 students attending the college as a yearly approximate average.

Providence College is a prestigious institution that offers only the best in Catholic education for its students. Distance learners will see the opportunity to climb on board in the near future. Providence is concerned with supplying only the best in education and will make this a full online possibility soon enough.

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