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Purdue University is the main campus in the Purdue University System and is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Students at Purdue University have access to topics of virtually any field of study and the credentials to match. When enrolling at Purdue University, you will never feel overcrowded due in part to the university’s efforts to maintain small class sizes and promoted individualized education throughout the school. Purdue is considered to be among top American universities for its programs at the graduate level and the undergraduate level.

Distance learners can peruse anything from online courses to online degree programs to satisfy their educational goals when distance is the issue. All courses and programs orchestrated by Purdue are backed by the solid education that distance learners would otherwise receive on campus. Also, all degrees and credits that have are earned online from Purdue are backed by the accreditation that Purdue University continually receives and the educational quality that Purdue is known for.

There is an undergraduate program that leads to the Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology. This program prepares students for a career as a Veterinary Technician that spans the knowledge base of technical laboratory tasks, clinical research, medical nursing procedures, or clinical practice. Graduates can earn certificates in Applied Heat Transfer, Applied Statistics, Digital Signal Processing, Homeland Security, Noise Control, Nuclear Pharmacy, and Regulatory & Quality Compliance in Industrial Pharmacy.

There are also degrees that graduates can pursue online degree programs that are 100% taught at a distance. There is the Master of Science with majors in Agricultural Economics, Building Construction Management, Education in Learning Design & Technology, Interdisciplinary Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, Regulatory & Quality Compliance, Technology, Aviation & Aerospace Management, and Organizational Leadership & Supervision. There are also multiple Master of Business Administration variations for a variety of majors and even dual majors.

Since Purdue University is public in nature, tuition rates depend upon each student’s status of residence. Resident/Non-resident undergraduate students will pay $7,317/$22,791 per year when enrolling on a full-time basis. Graduates pay identical rates in resident and non-resident categories as well as for full-time and part-time tuition. Financing an education that costs $22,000 per year and up can be rather difficult. Fortunately, 62% of students on campus receive financial aid to offset this difficulty.

Federal grants, as a yearly approximate average, are distributed to 18% of students attending Purdue University. State and local grants supply roughly the same student populace with grants and awards for tuition purposes. Institutional grants, like scholarships or academic awards, are allotted to 39% of students by Purdue University itself. This leaves just 42% of the student body to partake in student loans.

Purdue University works hard to provide opportunities for students of all different walks of life and backgrounds. Distance learners have plenty to choose from when pursuing their education online and are likely to have more options to choose from in the near future. Whether you are on campus or online, Purdue University is dedicated to your success.

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