Queens University of Charlotte Distance Learning

Queens University of Charlotte is a comprehensive university that is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Queens University is not simply a place to earn credits and graduate from. The university instead makes efforts to make a lasting, beneficial impact on its students’ lives. Students will never feel astray or at a lack of purpose when pursuing their studies at Queens. Instead, they will receive sound and continual guidance to help them achieve their goals through higher education.

Queens University takes distance learners into consideration and offers online courses for those who can’t quite make it to campus. Online courses are available for enrollment in any term out of the year and are expansive enough to accommodate students of the following majors: American Studies, Business Administration, Communications, Computer Information Systems, Elementary Education, English, Human & Community Services, Interior Design, Philosophy, and Psychology.

There is no mention of complete online degree programs, although, the majors above are recommended by Queens for students that prefer non-traditional class times, especially online. If all credits for a particular degree can’t be completed online at Queens, at least most of them can be. One option is to earn as many credits online as possible and then physically attend classes on campus to fill out the remaining courses. This would eliminate most of the time spent on campus when all time spent on campus can’t be done away with.

Online courses taken at Queens University of Charlotte are not self-paced, but rather follow a schedule like that of a course taught on campus. It should also be noted that courses taken online are not any less challenging or substantial than physical brick-and-mortar courses. Online credits run the same price as credits that are purchased on campus. Altogether, Queens University strives to make online education as close to the on-campus experience as possible.

$22,068 is the price of a year’s tuition when applying full-time as an undergraduate student. Undergraduates can instead choose to pay $335 per credit hour for part-time schedules. Graduates are due $21,330 per year for full-time scheduling or they can purchase credit hours for $535 apiece.  $20,000 per year is a tall price to pay for tuition, although 95% of students are receiving financial aid to help curtail the cost of education.

24% of students attending Queens University of Charlotte typically receive financial aid from federal sources, while 43% of the student body has been known to receive financial aid from state and local sources. 85% of students receive institutional grant aid directly from Queens University itself; this takes the form of scholarships and merit-based awards for tuition purposes.

When a Presbyterian education of the highest caliber is needed, Queens University of Charlotte is one to supply this. Distance learners, regular on-campus attendees, and evening/weekend students alike all receive wide and specified attention from Queens University. Perhaps distance learners will be able to earn their degree from Queens University online as well.

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