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Quincy University is a university of Franciscan, Catholic tradition and values that is located in Quincy, Illinois. Franciscan values encompass respect and social justice. There is an intellectual air at Quincy University that appeals to the hearts, minds, and spirits of each and every student. With that in store, Quincy University accepts students of all faiths and is a great place to connect with like-minded students that share passions and studies.

Quincy University features scattered, but plentiful options for students that want to approach their coursework online. There is a selection of online courses that are meant for separate purposes and programs, but what is certain is that distance learning is a capability of Quincy and not a vague possibility. Online courses can be taken individually or asynchronously which allows the distance learner to take courses on their own schedule without subscribing to any particular program or major.

Contrary to that option is the Professional Development Program offered at Quincy University. The Professional Development Program is primarily designed to deliver accelerated study for working professionals or other student-types that can’t take the time out to attend residential courses. The program delivers courses for non-traditional students on weekends, evenings, and online.

There are three majors that are covered by the PDP: Human Services, Business Administration, and Elementary Education. There is no explicit mention of an online degree program at Quincy University, so it is not likely that any of these majors can be completed 100% online. However, since courses are offered online as an extension of non-traditional flexibility, it is probable that most credits can be covered for these majors. That aside, there is a wide arrangement of majors and minors that students can take after, so there is a strong likelihood that any individual student enrolling at Quincy will find everything they need.

Students often need financial assistance and, fortunately, 97% of students attending Quincy University are receiving just that. 2 out of 3 students receive financial aid from federal sources, namely FAFSA programs. Local and state grants are distributed to 67% of the Quincy University student body. Quincy University itself allots institutional grants of all types to 92% of the student body in effort to remove cost as a factor in higher education.

For a year of full-time tuition at Quincy University, undergraduates will pay the cost of $20,100 or otherwise $480 per credit hour for part-time enrollment. Graduate students will have to budget $6,300 per year when enrolling full-time at Quincy University, or otherwise $350 per credit hour should the student choose to enroll part-time.

Students enrolling at Quincy are not only given the tools to succeed, and the academics to get ahead, they’re welcomed with respect and dignity. Pre-law is a popular major at the school. The university, among all other possible agendas, is dedicated to the success of its students and the prosperity of its academics as a whole. Distance learners have select options when enrolling at Quincy and will likely have more to choose from in the near future.

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