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Radford University is a university of public status that offers degrees at all levels and is located in Radford, Virginia. Radford is student-centered and focuses its resources on providing an education that is of the highest caliber and that satisfies students of all studious backgrounds. Apart from that, Radford is committed to continual change, revision, and the renewing processes that make a college better and better with time.

Radford University makes available online courses for distance learners to take advantage of. At Radford, online courses are much different than courses held on campus. Students taking courses online from Radford should be able to plan their own schedules and manage their time wisely, like on-campus courses, but now with the entire framework of the course material taught.

Radford University hasn’t published a list of online courses that the general public can access, but more information about these specifics can be obtained by contacting Radford University staff directly. There also seems to be no mention of a complete online degree program. Although, despite this, there may be enough courses available to fill out most of the coursework for certain majors.

The university is ripe with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies where students blend fields and topics to create a field of study that is more insightful and certainly much more engrossing. This feat can be accomplished with virtually any number and category of major, provided, of course, that Radford University approves this major. Studying in this field in most cases would not result in a double major, but rather just the title of Interdisciplinary Studies as the major.

Interdisciplinary courses are at the core of Radford University curriculum. All students that enroll at the university are required to take a series of four interdisciplinary courses as a part of the Core Foundations education plan. This is a testament to the university’s intimate involvement with its curriculum and its consciousness of how each subject affects its students.

Radford University is public and varies its tuition based on whether or not the student is a Virginia resident or not. Residents/Non-residents of Virginia pay the annual due of $4,187/$13,201 for full-time undergraduate enrollment or otherwise $272/$648 per credit hour if enrolling part-time. Graduate students of resident/non-resident status pay $4,845/$11,483 per year for full-time tuition and/or $300/$576 per credit hour when enrolling part-time.

Financial aid reaches 61% of the student body each year on average. Federal grants from sources like Pell Grants make it to 13% of Radford University students. 17% of the student body is receiving financial aid from state and local sources, mostly from Virginia’s education aid sources. Radford University itself allots financial aid through non-repayable methods to 13% of its student body.

Radford takes great care when administering education for students. This is because the university knows that the educational experience that students have now will directly affect them in the future. Distance learners are slowly gaining more opportunities in education and will certainly have more options to work with as time goes by.

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