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Ramapo College of New Jersey is an institution of higher learning located in Mahwah, New Jersey that offers curriculum in the liberal arts and select professional studies. Ramapo College of New Jersey is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools as well as a variety of other accrediting bodies. Students at Ramapo College will find the benefits of a small college in their studies while receiving the public benefits of a large university when pertaining to students’ careers.

For the devices of distance learning, Ramapo College takes the approach of online courses. There is no information published about complete online degree programs. This most likely means that the online course selection is not wide enough to completely satisfy credit requisites for any particular major. On the other hand, course selection is still wide and could satisfy most of the credit requirements for a particular major. This leaves the distance learner with the option of hybridizing their degree with a short period of campus residency, or they can transfer credits to or from a college/university that hosts the needed classes.

Ramapo College uses Moodle to orchestrate its online environment. Moodle has been preferred by many colleges and universities around the United States and is quickly becoming the new standard for distance learning software. What this translates to is a much easier and straightforward learning environment, course routine, and communication pathway between the teacher and the student.

Ramapo College hosts a large variety of degree programs and majors that students can choose from. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in business, humanities subjects, the arts, various social sciences, physical sciences, and professional programs. This undergraduate selection forms the core of Ramapo’s curriculum. At the master’s level, students can major in Liberal Studies, Educational Technology, and Nursing (M.S.N.). At the doctorate level, students can become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Doctor of Chiropractic, a D.D.S. or D.M.D., a Doctor of Optometry, or a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine.

Tuition for online credits are calculated based on a flat rate per course. For undergraduate students, tuition for 4 credit courses comes out to $1,210 each. Tuition for 2 credit courses comes out to $605 each. Graduate level online courses follow the same tuition patterns. For a 4 credit course, the price is $2,350. For a 3 credit course, the price is $1,762. For either tuition bracket, graduate and undergraduate, there are some external fees for various services, like processing or late handling. These are negligible compared to tuition rates.

As for financial aid, Ramapo College accepts all federal aid sources and provides information for a variety of federal assistance sources. An average of 21% of students at Ramapo receives federal grants. There is also the New Jersey Education Student Assistance Authority, for those who are eligible to receive state aid.  32% of Ramapo College students receives state aid. Ramapo itself allots financial aid on the basis of academic merit and more information about this can be obtained by contacting the college directly.

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