Reasons to be Thankful for Distance Education Programs

While distance education might not be the best option for all students, there are many reasons to be thankful for distance education opportunities.

There are many reasons to be thankful for distance education programs. (Photo by Sterlic).

–          Distance learning programs expand college opportunities to more students. Distance education gives students chances to go to college that traditional programs cannot. For students returning to school after a long break, students with a full-time career looking to enhance their earning potential, students who are also busy parents, students who live too far away from traditional universities to attend, and many others, attending classes online provides a unique opportunity to attend college.

–          Distance learning programs can be more affordable. Distance learning programs can be cheaper than other options for two reasons. First, online programs can be cheaper because they allow for more students to take a single class, maximizing the professor’s time and reducing the cost for everyone. Second, distance learning classes can be cheaper a specific student because the student has to only pay for the courses, not for living near campus, food, and other expenses.

–          Distance learning programs are more flexible. Distance learning programs allow a student to develop a specifically tailored study schedule that works for them, rather than being restricted by specific class times. Distance learning classes can also be taken from almost any computer with internet access, providing the ability to travel during your courses. For students who are also working professionals, parents, or have numerous other obligations, the freedom to develop a schedule that really works for them is certainly a reason to be thankful for distance learning.

–          Distance learning gives the ability to pursue a major that is not available locally. Distance learning allows you to choose a school and a degree based on your goals and dreams, not on what’s local to you. By using distance education, you can pursue a specific degree, no matter where you are located. With a plethora of new, unusual, and unique degrees available at distance learning colleges , you’re free to choose a major that you love, rather than choosing a major that is available.

–          Distance learning programs make MBAs and other degrees attainable to more professionals. More and more, employers are seeking graduate degrees for potential employees. Through online learning, MBAs are able to reach more students.  Professionals can pursue an online MBA while remaining at their current job. For students who do not have the resources to become full-time graduate students, the growth in distance learning MBAs provides a valuable opportunity.

–          Distance learning programs save driving time. Especially for people in rural areas or individuals who live a significant distance from their local college, the time driving to and from school is a real consideration before starting or returning to school. By choosing an online program, there is no commute time for courses, which provides more time to study, work, and pursue other interests.

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