Reasons to Consider Trade School

Regardless of what your future holds, you should be acquiring education further than a high school diploma or a GED. Colleges are one way to go, but another option has started to reel in students all across the nation: trade schools. Trade schools, such as Erwin Technical Center, have specialized programs such as drafting and barbering. These certifications allow you to get the same jobs that degrees will, however, as told by careercast, degrees will earn you substantially more money that certifications will. Below are some reasons as to why trade schools may be an option for you.

Cosmetology courses can be found at a trade school. (photo by srivard72)

#1: Saving Money and Time

As quoted by, “…It takes a lot less time to complete a program at a trade school or community college, so the full cost of study, on average, is $67,482 less at a two year school.” This makes sense, as the more time you spend in school, the more money you are spending on your education. Often, programs can last from six months to two years at trade schools. That is substantially shorter than, say, if you went to college for four years. Another point of interest is that at these facilities, night and day classes may be available and flexible to accommodate your schedule.

#2: Many Fields of Study are Available

Not only are technical schools great for career-driven learning, but many have a broad expanse of subjects you can choose from. Cosmetology, Dental Assisting, and Carpentry are some courses available. Be sure to research the technical schools to see what programs they offer. Programs can be specified to fit careers that are currently in high demand. Here is a link to twenty high-paying jobs you may be able to pursue with a technical certification.

#3: A Certification Can Be Acquired Online

Just as you can earn a college degree online, you can also earn a technical certification online! This virtual option has the same pros and cons as earning college degrees online. For example, it is on your own time that you are learning in the career field of your choice, but you must maintain your dedication lest you fall behind in coursework. For those who want to get into entry-level positions of a career of their choice quickly, but have responsibilities and perhaps not the most reliable schedule, this is a great option as you can work when you have the available time to.

#4: They May Offer More Real-World Experience

Though you will learn in a classroom, because of their specialized programs, a student is likely to receive real-world experience. For example, a cosmetology program may have you learn to complete manicures, hairstyles, or make-up application on a real person or customer.

As you can see from the reasonings above, trade school may be a great option for the high school student contemplating furthering their education. This track offers the fastest way to an entry-level position in the career field they specialized in, though one must keep in mind that they will not make the same amount of money that an entry-level employee will from getting a degree.

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