Reasons to Go to Class

Maybe it’s your first time on your own – and presumably, your first time deciding whether or not you want to go to class without having your parents call you in sick or playing hookie. It’s now your own choice what you want to do with your life. And life will give you a million and one reasons not to go to class, but here’s why you probably should suck it up and still go.

That pained look on your face may go away after reading this article. (photo by ibm4381)

That pained look on your face may go away after reading this article. (photo by ibm4381)

#1. Someone, and it’s most likely you, is paying for it.

In another article I wrote about the real cost of skipping class. It evaluated different colleges and found that, at the lowest rate, one college was paying roughly thirty-five dollars for a class.

When I think about how broke I am, (literally, living on seven dollars for the rest of the week, which I’ll of course have to use for gas) – it helps me stay humble. I know that having thirty-five dollars is something I wish I could have! And I understand that going to a class will get me thirty-five dollars closer to a degree that will enable me to make thirty-five dollars per hour. Not that my future job is likely going to be paying me that much – but you get the idea.

If you can’t think that far ahead, then perhaps a good idea is to think this way:

#2. When things get changed, date-wise, you’ll know. And perhaps take a few pop-quizzes you would have missed otherwise.

I’m going to use my algebra course as an example. I hate it. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve got mad love for the algebra, and I excelled in it in high school, getting consistent ninety-eight percents in high school.

Today, I contemplated staying home. Why? Well, the professor doesn’t teach – he just uses powerpoints that we have access to 24/7. He goes through them for the entire hour and fifteen minutes we’re in there – does not give us any practice, but instead goes through problems that are already done on the board. Oh, and my favorite part – he still gets some of the answers wrong. I figure – why go?

I called a friend who is graduating college in Spring of this year, and she told me to go. Her reason was that, in her freshman year, she got into the habit of skipping class and missed an exam day because it was switched to another day. She failed that class, lost some of her financial aid, and it left a lasting impression on her.

So, I took her advice. I went to class today. And he gave extra credit for a pop quiz – that would not negatively affect your grade, but could boost you a whole ten percent in the class. I got so lucky – considering my grade is not the best in the class (but frankly, no one’s is) – and I assuredly have boosted it at least a couple of points!

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