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Reed College is a college located in Portland Oregon that features a curriculum based in the liberal arts. Reed College takes care in engineering an environment that both satisfies the practical requirements of an education and the specifics of each individual academic discipline. Reed College orients classes in a unique and innovative conference style that emphasizes discussion. In addition, student to faculty ratio is 10 to 1 and class sizes average 15 students each.

Currently, Reed College features neither distance education nor online learning environments for off-campus education. Presently, Reed College focuses its efforts on maintaining a structured, optimal experience for students on campus. This does not mean, however, that Reed College won’t be constructing an online education platform in the near future. Instead, Reed College will most likely be taking careful time to plan out a distance learning experience that features all of the benefits of a Reed College campus-based experience. Distance learning capabilities are expected to arise soon.

Reed College, for starters, is a top-ranked college not only in the category of liberal arts, but as a college in general and for a variety of reasons. When examining the facts and figures from a results-based perspective, one can see that Reed College ranks 4th out of all American colleges and universities for the percentage of students that go on to achieve their doctorate degrees. Increase that rank to 2nd place for the same doctorate distribution applied more specifically to the field of Life Sciences.

When examining the academic variety at Reed College, one can discern that there is a large variety of majors to choose, from Anthropology all the way to Political Science. In addition, there are multiple interdisciplinary programs of study bearing such titles as Chemistry-Physics, Classics-Religion, Chinese Studies, and International & Comparative Policy Studies. There is even an assortment of dual degree programs in such fields as Applied Physics & Electronic Science or Computer Science & Engineering.

The future cost of distance learning at Reed College can be modeled after the current cost of on-campus participation, namely tuition. Students certainly pay a premium, with the annual cost of full-time education reaching $37,960, or $1,625 per credit hour, when assembling a part-time schedule. There is no full-time cost at the graduate level, but rather a flat, per-credit-hour rate of $860. Thusly, distance learners can expect online credits to be relatively expensive when compared to most colleges, but distance learners can rest assured that online education at Reed College would be of the highest quality by far.

Reed College may be premium in cost, but the college has made an ardent and successful effort to remove tuition rates from the challenge of higher learning. Approximately half of all students at Reed College receive “financial aid packages” from Reed College itself which include work-study opportunities, loans of various types, and grants. The average amount totals $34,196, just a few thousand dollars short of a full-time undergraduate year’s tuition. It is safe to say that Reed College takes care of its own, especially aspiring and deserving students that will grow to become influential people in their fields of study.

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