Regent University Distance Learning

Regent University is a university of interdenominational Christian faith that is seated in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Regent University teaches students to excel both in academics and their Christian lives. Students come together under a common faith at Regent University in order to receive some of the best Christian education Virginia can offer.

Regent features a large selection of degrees that distance learners can make use of, if they’re learning at the graduate level. These programs are designed to compound upon a previously earned Bachelor’s degree. The area of majors that are offered online by Regent University spans a breadth of religious study options with a set of degrees to match.

Graduate students can earn from the Master of Arts in Practical Theology, a Master of Arts with a concentration in English Bible or Missiology, or a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Practical Theology or Missiology. These five options combine 60 credits that are earned online and 30 credits that are modular or residential. This is a good option for distance learners that want to eliminate most of the time spent on campus, if not all residential courses can be eliminated.

Modular courses combine online elements with on-campus elements with students taking a week out of their time to attend classes in Virginia Beach. The School of Divinity honors modular students by clearing campus for one “modular” week each semester. It is then that distance learners come to complete their course with intensive study.

There are two doctoral degrees that graduate students can earn online with a similar brief residency pattern. These two degrees are the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) or the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Coursework is practical, with all of the most important issues being addressed and crucial coursework being emphasized. Participating in doctoral programs online are anything but reading from the textbook.

Regent University regularly assists distance learning students that are applying for FAFSA to ensure that each student maximizes their grant reception. 21% of Regent University students are receiving federal aid. 23% of students are receiving state and local grants. Regent University makes avid use of Christian resources to supply 67% of the student body with non-repayable grants and aid for tuition purposes.

Distance learners are attended to just like students are on campus. The only difference in educational style is that courses can be completed on the student’s own time. Otherwise, the progression, teaching style, and challenge of the course remains unchanged giving distance learners a full experience that doesn’t feel online at all.

The School of Divinity at Regent College does not have a rate for full-time tuition. Instead, the cost of each graduate program is calculated by credit hour. For the Master of Arts in Practical Theology, English Bible, or Missiology, the cost of a credit hour is $515. For the Doctor of Ministry program, credit hours are $650 each. For the Doctor of Philosophy, the per-credit-hour cost totals $650. For students that are taking master’s level courses without declaring a major, the cost per credit hour is $330.

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