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Regis College is a college of the liberal arts and sciences set in the Roman Catholic faith and based out of Weston, Massachusetts. Regis is an innovative college that takes a practical and complete approach to education. This spreads over the fields of Liberal Arts, Education, Nursing, Human Services, Business, Social Science, and Physical Science.

Regis College works with the student to custom tailor each education program to fit the student’s individual needs. This process works to allow the student maximum flexibility and an environment in which they can better excel. These individual programs are referred to as “pathways” because the path doesn’t just stop at education. Regis College leads students into their careers with confidence and the right resources to end their collegiate experience with a rewarding line of work.

To substantiate the support and service that Regis College administers for each of its students, one need look no further than the 90% of students on campus that are receiving institutional grants directly from Regis College itself. This is before students resort to other sources for tuition aid, like the 37% of students receiving federal aid or the 39% receiving state aid.

Education is notably personalized and Regis College stresses the importance of small class sizes. Student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1, and is meticulously kept as such to enhance the educational experience. Another notable feature of Regis College is that majors are constructed in a portfolio style, starting with a discreet core curriculum that develops academic inquiry skills and articulation skills and leading to a capstone project completed in the student’s senior year.

The capstone experience is a concluding project that unites the tradition, knowledge, and alacrity of a student’s knowledge together with a résumé and/or professional school application. This puts the student at the forefront of any prospective list for employment or enrollment in a professional program. On top of this, Regis College unites the practical elements of higher learning with the ethical and philosophical aspects of a collegiate education making learning much more integrated and meaningful.

At Regis College, students are also involved in their Catholic spirituality in a way that reaches out to the community and unites students together under the same faith. Regis College is about community and strives to nourish the spirit in addition to kindling the intellect. In this way, the college functions in a more familial sense that differs from the tone and style of most other colleges.

On-campus students who are learning at the undergraduate level pay $27,510 and the equivalent graduate enrollment is priced at $27,800. Credits for each respective level of study are $695 and $765 a piece. Taking into consideration the $25,000 – $30,000 per year price range for yearly tuition, distance learning prices per-credit-hour can be expected to be relatively high when compared to most other colleges. Distance learners can rest assured, however, that when Regis College introduces online education, it will be of utmost quality and care.

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