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Reinhardt University is a university that is comprehensive in nature, specializing in the liberal arts and is located in Waleska, Georgia. As a university that shares affiliations with the United Methodist Church, Reinhardt strives to create an atmosphere that upholds Christian values, but also encourages students to explore their faith pedagogically. Education is not taken lightly at this university, but is rather geared to harbor a scholarly community that impacts and changes the lives of each and every student.

Currently, Reinhardt College it focusing its efforts towards enhancing and maintaining education on campus. This is most likely the reason that Reinhardt currently doesn’t feature online or distance learning programs. Many colleges and universities have successfully implemented distance learning programs, so distance learners need not fear. Reinhardt University is apt to introduce a program like this soon.

The fields of study that exist at Reinhardt College are notably wide and numerous. Students can pursue anything from sciences like Biology, to liberal arts subjects like Journalism and Graphic Design and Pre-professional majors like a 2-year Pre-Nursing program or a study in Business. Care is taken when administering subjects like this in such an expansive palette, for overspreading a college’s resources for too many subjects has happened in some case. Fortunately, Reinhardt College focuses on quality and has simply achieved this scale with continual quality.

For instance, graduate programs have been individually installed and have grown to three Master’s-level programs: a Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Childhood Education, a Master of Business Administration, or a Master of Music. All of these programs have taken heed to operate at the utmost quality, and are likely to expand in selection over the coming years. These graduate degrees might also be the first to have their own online programs as online learning is becoming very popular in graduate schools across the United States.

Reinhardt is reasonably priced and has been supplying education to undergraduates for $15,900 per year at full-time rate, which is low for a private university. Graduates enjoy a much lower tuition rate, at just $300 per credit hour and $4,200 per year full-time. Undergraduates would pay $530 per credit hour if enrolling part-time.

Despite the already reasonable price of Reinhardt College, 90% of students attending the college are receiving financial aid for tuition purposes directly from Reinhardt. This means that 9 out of 10 students each year will receive a financial contribution based from merit, need, or other factors in a non-repayable grant of some type. The same equivocal percentage of students is reached by state tuition support making students well taken care of when facing the issue of financing higher education.

As for the overall value of Reinhardt College, it is simply a matter of comparing education that attracts international students to a price range well below $20,000/year for the bulk of one’s college experience. Now add in the variety of majors, minors, and professional programs, and what you have is a college that is worth well beyond what it asks for.

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