Relationship Between Music and Studying

Music is loved by all students and there is the classic scenario of the parent yelling at their child to turn down the volume because the sound is taking over the house. Although music should perhaps not be that loud, there has been studies shown that music benefits students. While some teachers and parents think of it as a distraction or nuisance, it might be what is keeping the student concentrated and finishing their work.


How music can help with studying and can actually benefit students more than people realize.(photo credit fwumpbungle)

How exactly can it benefit your concentration and ability to finish a homework task? It relaxes you and your mind. While relaxing, you can concentrate on the task better and put all of your effort and focus on to the task. If your mind is flipping around on various subjects than it can not perform as well so sometimes we need something to tell our brain to relax and focus on one matter at a time. Whether you have had a bad day or are stressing out about various things at once, some tunes may ease your mind and give you that determination and focus you need to complete an assignment.

It also moves the brain to focus and pay attention more. There was a study at Stanford revealing information onĀ event segmentation with music and being able to pay attention. Basically your brain peaks in between songs or pauses of music because it is trying to process what has occurred. Your brain obtains while the music is playing and analyzes in between pauses. So how can this correlate with helping to study? You can use those peaks and moments of analyzing while doing your homework. Let your mind flow and obtain while reading and when it comes to the point where you need to use or talk about the material, let your mind concentrate and focus.

So how can students use this information when studying? We all enjoy listening to music and getting to rock out or sing on the top of our lungs. It brings us entertainment and joy. So if you want to blast music on iTunes or Pandora while doing calculus or english, press play and go right ahead. But there is caution to listening to music while doing homework. People respond to music differently and people like to work in different atmospheres. So if you plan on listening to music while working, do it in a smart manner. If you know that you are going to be too distracted by the lyrics and beat to understand what a math problem says, turn down the volume and focus on the task at hand. Different genres give different effects. Rock might cause too excitement for some people and for others it will give them the right amount of determination and concentration. For some people rap might be too tempting to rap along to it and for some it might just be a nice beat to have in the background.

The arts can coincide with all kinds of subjects when done properly. You can listen to the Beatles and do a chemistry equation if you feel like you are able. It is all about what kind of student you are and what kind of music will help you.

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