Relationship Between Parents and Teens’ Choices After High School

When growing up, guys tend to want to be superheroes and girls want to be princesses. But reality sets in before we even realize it. Our parents are our role models and examples. We can’t help but  be curious in the career they chose and why. Every child wonders about their parents’ career and if they would ever do that same career or similar to it. So what makes us pick careers close to theirs or opposite to theirs?

As parents you need to guide your child to pursue education but not push them.(photo credit BuckDaddy)

In some cases kids are somewhat forced to follow an educational path that the parents wish they could have taken and maybe should have taken. This causes the kid to have unfulfilled wishes and creates a cycle. A child should be able to do whatever job they feel would make them the happiest while working to their fullest potential. Parents do know best; however, they also know that their children need to figure themselves out and do their best that they themselves see as best.

How does a parent support their kid’s wishes while still trying to get them to pick a career that is positive and stable for them? They are the most powerful influence to their child when it comes to choices and their future. When a parent hasn’t gone to a post-secondary school, the teen is most likely to not go because they don’t see a point if their parent didn’t. They think it must not be that important or great if the person that cared for them didn’t go. It is not the only way to go after high school but in today’s society, it is difficult to get a stable job without a college diploma. Some kind of school or training after high school is crucial to stay alive in the jungle of our society.

Pushing your kids too much though is also a negative effect to your child’s brain process on after high school. They want to feel encouraged but not pressured or unsure. A parent should never compare successes and should only see the growth of their child. Guide them to challenge themselves and succeed but don’t push them unto something they will fall off of.

So where is the balance? If you can not push them too hard but can’t let them be a couch potato in your living room for your whole life, where is the middle ground? The key is to have a discussion with your child as they grow to an old enough age to start deciding a career. See where their head is at and what kind of profession they are leaning towards. If they ask for advice on what kind of career or route, then give advice but do not force it. Teens feel easily forced or pressured. They need to feel like they solely made the choice.

There are many options for your child and you should not feel like they won’t be able to make a decision. After twelve years of education, a teen wants to unwind and pursue an education that they see fit to their ability and desire. A parent needs to support and guide.

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