Removing God from Education

Time and time again, the age-old controversy of teaching religion in schools appears and reappears. Some claim that removing God from schools – disabling teachers from implementing religious perspectives into their curriculums – enables the prospects of tragedy in schools, such as the disheartening events that took place on the campus of Sandy Hook elementary. Others believe the exact opposite, that the prospect of removing God has nothing to do with tragic events in academic settings.

Can schools really keep religion out of the equation? (photo by Phillie Casablanca)

Can schools really keep religion out of the equation? (photo by Phillie Casablanca)

In fact, famous people such as Mike Huckabee, believe, as told by the article, Huckabee Blames School Shooting on No God in the Classroom, that disabling God from being taught in the schools (which is what they mean by “Removing God”) leads to these kind of events. Mike Huckabee’s words have been twisted by many in the media; those looking for the truth should look online for the video. The vocalization of his beliefs have brought many people to question Huckabee’s credibility in logic.

The reasonings for their opposition to Huckabee’s scapegoat of tragedies in schools are many. For example, it is the shooter’s fault, not the prospect of a Deity that leads to events such as these. As a Christian, I am able to empathize with both sides of the story. The prospect of learning of God and believing in him can cause the most psychotic people to be brought back to sanity. However, looking at the story logically, and even implementing a Bible verse, found in Romans 9 (ESV), not all will be saved – even if they were to know the name of God, they may not believe in it.

How is it then that we could believe that implementing a religious background into the lives of students would stop tragic events from occurring? The sheer truth is that it would not; there will always be crazy people in a crazy world with crazy events. In all actuality, all religions fall upon the same basis: something is wrong with the world, however, we have found something that makes it better. Despite all religious attempts to dismantle tragedy, we still live in a tragic world.

How exactly would schools be funded without the implementation of a separation of Church and State on education? Taxes help to fund schools and not churches. The separation of Church and State does more than simply dictate how an education is paid for; according to townhall, it allows for protection of the freedom of your choice of religion. It serves as a barrier between your beliefs and your teacher’s beliefs, your professor’s beliefs, and your principal’s or dean’s beliefs.

In my Christian standpoint, schools are still allowed to implement God. However, they can not be led by a school official. Students can speak with their peers in an appropriate manner about religion, invite each other to religious events, and even take part in a world religions course. There is no “Removing God” from an educational environment; there is only “Removing God” from the mouths of school officials.

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