Revelations You’ll Have After College

Thought Catalog recently posted an article entitled “21 Epiphanies You’ll Have After Escaping Your College Bubble,” which is something I recommend all college students read. I’ll be sharing their list in this article in a way that you can relate to easier, here.

Who knew that after this place, you'd learn so much? (photo by UniversityBlogSpot)

Who knew that after this place, you’d learn so much? (photo by UniversityBlogSpot)

#1. No one cares that you don’t know what to do with your life. No one’s silently judging you from across the room. Calm down, it’s not that important – and frankly, everyone’s been through it at one point or another.

#2. The difference between the real world and the world of academics is astonishingly different. It’s almost no wonder that employers don’t believe that college grads are prepared for the workforce.

#3. You’re probably doing a lot of damage to your body… And you’ll probably regret it in the near future.

#4. Eating healthy is both a physical and financial investment.

#5. You can act like the cool guy, but the true value is letting your natural game do the talking.

#6. I can’t even paraphrase this one because it’s just too good, so I’m going to quote it:

“Very few decisions are temporary, in the sense that all of them have rabbit holes you can easily fall down. Make one too many compromises, and you can easily be 37 and miserable.”

#7. You actually have time to read that big list of books that you actually wanted to read during college, but didn’t have the time to because they were forcing you to read Shakespeare for the third time this semester.

#8. Happy hour is fickle, in that it is either luxury or necessity – and on occasion, both.

#9. The way you lived your life in college really is as bad as your parents thought it was.

#10. It is partially true that you may have to step on a few bodies to progress in your career. As the article states, “There are no rules. Only results.”

#11. You don’t have to know much of anything – as long as you can make it appear as if you do.

#12. Looking far into the future is valuable, but your life can drastically change in a couple of months. Essentially, don’t rely on your plans 100%.

#13. Composing a two sentence email is, for some reason, extremely difficult.

#14. You don’t have any right to be egocentric when you’re entry-level. It’s the worst thing you can do in a professional environment, showcasing immaturity to those who have the ability to promote you.

#15. You have to “pay your dues.” It’s a turning point between child and responsible adult.

#16. Idealism will get you little in the real world.

#17. Brunch is a way of showing that you’re financially responsible. It’s accordingly “socially necessary” to show that you’re “on the right track.”

#18. It’s less important to impress your boss than your peers, considering in the long run, these are the connections that will get you somewhere.

#19. Don’t take things too seriously, ya ol’ grump.

#20. It’s easier but less humble to blame your lack of success on an external factor, like the economy.

#21. When you’re stressed or feeling anxious, breathe deeply.

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