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iFred, standing for “International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression,” aims to shine a light on the crippling mindset and disease of depression. They stand on the belief that this disease should not exist; even if the person is not suicidal, they are practically dead when they are in depression. Accordingly, three hundred and fifty million people are affected by this disease. The goal is, unrealistically but optimistically, to eradicate depression from one hundred percent of those affected. Because the number is so outrageous, it is unbelievable that this can be accomplished – especially because in doing so, one would need to change the way that others think at the core – at their inner most thoughts.

Depression can happen to anyone. (photo by starpinker)

Depression can happen to anyone. (photo by starpinker)

The site in layout provokes a happy feeling, with beautiful sunflowers and a layout of a majority yellow color. Very bright, very riveting, and very happy, which is understandable for an anti-depression site. The juxtaposition in using the link color, purple, also gives aesthetically pleasing contrast in the layout of the site. The navigation is easy to handle and the site is very easily maneuvered – which is essential to “reach” everybody – from young children and teens to the elderly – anyone who could suffer from depression.

The site lists education that everyone should have in regards to such a universal disease. From major depression, which interferes with daily activities that may occur several different times in a lifetime, to dysthymia, which is a lesser depression that simply may stop one from being at their optimal happiness level. The site even lists bipolar disorder and aspects of it – aspects that I have mentioned in this past post entitled “Cyclothymia: Information.”

Nonetheless, if you understand depression, that doesn’t necessarily stop you from being able to manage it. Frankly, there is not just one solution since everyone is different and experiences different versions of depression. If you frankly, don’t know how to manage it and are feeling in a rough spot, almost hopeless or perhaps far past hopeless, here are suicide hotlines that you can call. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, try talking to someone in your real life – someone you feel is dependable and trustworthy. Perhaps someone you know has dealt with the feeling in the past.

Of course though incomparable to going to an actual doctor of sorts, there are several depression tests online that you can take if you feel that you are erring toward the pessimistic side of things. Here are two: one from mayoclinic, and one from Like I said – do not make these tests your only methods of deciphering if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or the like. Instead, use them as further reasonings to go to a real doctor.

Want to support iFred? You can donate to help aide them in their goal to eradicate depression from the world. You are able to donate monetary goods, memorials, through a business, or even purchase products as provided by iFred, such as apparel.

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