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My last review was on UDACITY, which is quite different from cK-12, because UDACITY is designed mainly for higher level education while cK-12 is designed mostly for k-12 students. K-12 means kindergarten through twelfth grade, also known as primary and secondary education. cK-12 is a great tool for students and teachers from kindergarten to 12th grade in high school to use.

This is a picture of cK-12 logo. The logo contains K-12 as a part of it, which means its main focus is K-12 eduation. ( Photo from

This is a picture of cK-12 logo. The logo contains K-12 as a part of it, which means its main focus is K-12 education. ( Photo from

What Is cK-12?

cK-12 is a non-profit organization that offers online courses and resources for k-12 students and teachers. Its courses are mainly STEM related. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. How Does cK-12 Work? You have to sign up to join cK-12. You may also use your Google, Facebook, or twitter account to sign in. You can sign up as either a student or instructor. The age requirement is at least 13 years old. cK-12 helps students and teachers by many ways:

  • Books: cK-12 provides its users with comprehensive textbook as a strong support.
  • Concepts: cK-12 offers small-sized lessons to make sure students understand each topics truly.
  • Interactive: cK-12 uses videos, audio, images and other medias to simulate knowledge. This would help students to interpret lessons by relating to the real world.
  • Exercises: There are lots of exercises to help students to determine how well they know the lesson. It is a good way to reinforce the knowledge.
  • Get Help Anytime And Anywhere: cK-12 can be accessed on not only computer, but also iPhone, iPod, iPad, kindle, and so on. This is like having the teachers always by your side.

What Courses Does cK-12 Offer?

cK-12 offers mainly science, technology, engineering, and math courses, but it also has some other courses.

  1. Mathematics: includes arithmetic, measurement, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, trigonometry, analysis, and calculus.
  2. Science: includes life science, biology, chemistry, physical science, earth science, and physics.
  3. Other Courses: includes engineering, technology, English, history, astronomy, and economics.
  4. SAT Exam Prep Course: yes, cK-12 offers SAT help. You can get a good preparation for SAT by doing practice problems and checking the answers and explanations.

How Can Teachers Use cK-12?

Teachers can go on the website and search for Standards-Aligned FlexBook. FlexBook is open, free, customizable digital textbooks. You can search by subject, state, and grade. Isn’t it convenient! Teachers can find good resources on cK-12 to help them teaching and discover more ways to teach.

cK-12’s Partners

cK-12 has many partners that contribute to its education, content, technology, and more. Its partners include universities, school organizations, research centers, companies and so on.  cK-12 also sees community as an important part of its development. You can help, too!

If you are a K-12 students or teachers, you should definitely check cK-12 out! It is a great tool to help you succeed in learning.

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