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Some students may not like going to public or private schools or maybe not go to schools everyday. Some students also have extra curricular activities that take up too much time such as modeling or music related activities  So what is a possible solution to keep up with their high school education while letting them pursue their dreams? Home schooling takes time away from their parents’ jobs and not everyone is cut out to be a teacher. Online schooling has become extremely popular due to technology becoming so common and how easy it is to keep up with.

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Some students want to do traveling or want to start their career earlier and so they want to graduate earlier. Programs such as Flvs offer various classes and credits that you can complete anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You have one teacher per class and they are available Monday to Friday from eight a.m. to eight p.m. by text, call, email, or messaging on the website. Many students enjoy this way of learning because it is by their schedule and they can learn how they are able to without having to compete with other students. Some students learn by reading and some need their teachers to explain it more in detail. Online schooling gives them the option to choose. The only thing is that students must make sure to keep up with their work and not slack.

Another way of schooling that has become popular is Charter schools. An example of one is Pivot Charter School. It is known for its access, technology, teachers, and many other educational aspects. They can choose to attend in the morning or afternoon and they may also continue their work wherever their is internet connection. They can also rent out a laptop if they do not have one. The teachers are highly qualified and they are available all day everyday. You can start Pivot once you are in the sixth grade.

The question is whether the learning online and at a school is equal or at least relevantly close. The students still have experienced teachers, have the material right in front of them, have time to study, and can find their way of learning. The biggest difference is that with online schools and charter schools, the student has a lot of independence and there is no teacher telling him in person everyday to turn in an assignment.

It really is all up to the individual student. It depends on the way the student prefers to learn and how their working style usually is. Some can keep up with the work by themselves and some need the atmosphere of a school. It has been shown that students who do online school and/or charter school have been more prepared to become independent and ready for the workplace.

Online school is becoming a huge part of education in our society as our world is becoming more technology dependent. It is a good choice if a student is up to it but it is all about the way a student learns and what they feel most comfortable with.

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