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The Rhode Island School of Design is a college centered in arts and fine arts and is located in Providence, Rhode Island. RISD is a school of arts that is well sought after, as it is much more common for students to transfer into the school than from it. Students at RISD focus in Studio Arts as well as Graphic and General Design in a setting that is rich with qualified, experienced, practicing artists that teach right from project work.

Although RISD is concentrated in Fine Arts, students have often gone on from their arts education to apply their skills to other professions. Some have taken their art expertise to an organizational level by starting businesses and running schools and theaters. Other students have even approached the professions of Lawyers, Therapists, or even Accountants!

Rhode Island School of Design currently is not offering online education or distance education, but this does not bar the possibility of its introduction in the near future. As an art school, there are many disciplines that are difficult to teach over an internet-based format. With that being said, many art and design schools have successfully offered distance education programs, particularly in Graphic Design, where schooling is much more adaptable to a computerized format.

The price tag for an RISD education is a hefty one, this is due to the fact that the school is that of a premier, leading institution in the arts. Students pay $34,665 a year for full-time education, undergraduate or graduate, and receive every penny’s worth of that payment back with priceless, invaluable expertise. Distance learners can expect future online learning to be relatively expensive when compared to other colleges, although still much cheaper than taking courses directly on-campus.

Students follow a structured full-time schedule. This means that there is no enrollment permitted for part-time students, or at least not without paying a full-time price. What should be taken from Rhode Island College is that one does not specify in a specific trade as much as receive a well rounded education that contains a focus in a specific trade. Most collegiate types will appreciate an education that breeds understanding outside of merely learning a specific craft, and RISD gears its programs around this type of education.

The most commonly earned degree at RISD is the Bachelor of Fine Arts, which is reached most frequently by committing to full-time study over the course of four years. At the graduate level, students generally earn their Master of Fine Arts following their baccalaureate education. There are also more specialized credentials available like the Bachelor of Graphic Design, the Bachelor of Industrial Design, or the Bachelor of Architecture, all of which have complimentary master’s forms at the graduate level.

Generally speaking, the Rhode Island School of Design is apt to start featuring online education programs, because computerized programs can be spread over the net to accommodate the best and brightest around the country. Distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon enough and will be able to attend RISD soon.

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  1. Steven says:

    Gary, several schools offer degrees by distance learning already. You can search with the “Quick Degree Finder” in the top left corner of this website.

  2. Gary Hawkins says:

    Please contact me when your distance learning begins in earnest. Thanks.

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