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Rhodes College is a liberal arts college of a primarily four-year function that is seated in Memphis, Tennessee. At Rhodes College, education is treated as it ought to be. That means that education is treated as a lifelong experience that never ceases. Therefore students should be given an experience that sticks with them throughout the years; one that doesn’t just take place inside the classroom.

Rhodes College integrates a world of liberal arts studies into a solid range of majors and even 13 different interdisciplinary programs. Undergraduates have 32 areas of study to choose for their major, as well as an even larger selection of minors. There is one graduate program that is offered in collaboration with Vanderbilt University, and that is an Accounting program terminating with a Master’s degree.

Although Rhodes College is a resourceful and diverse college, distance learning is not one of its current features. The college is premium in nature and generates a lot of wealth as a result of it; the student populace will most likely breach 2,000 by 2020. With these two main factors in mind, it is safe to say that Rhodes College will be assembling a distance learning program in the near future and with the same premium quality as on-campus programs no less.

As one would guess, with a premium education comes a premium price. Undergraduates pay $32,136 per year for a full-time education while paying $1,350 per credit hour if they decide to take classes part-time. Since the college is for the most part undergraduate, applicants to the Master’s in Accounting graduate program pay the same full-time cost, except without a part-time option.

Rhodes is proud to voice that no student attending Rhodes College pays the full sticker price of their education. In fact, despite the high cost Rhodes College incurs per student, staff, board members, and alumni alike are fighting everyday to remove cost as a factor of education choice. The median amount of scholarship aid awarded to students is $14,272. That amount is the average received by 82% of Rhodes students. This, combined with contributions from federal and state aid sources, reduces the percentage of students participating in student loans to 36%, which is very low for a college whose full price breaches $30,000 per year.

What should also be noted about Rhodes College is that the college itself takes meticulous care to prepare a liberal arts foundation for each student. This is advantageous over the non-specific general education requirements that shape the typical core curriculum of other colleges. This core curriculum guides each student into a crucial realm of structured academia, such as British Studies at Oxford, Biology 207: Animal Behavior, Art 846: English Domestic Architecture, or even Anthropology/Sociology 300: African American Feminist Thought.

Overall, Rhodes College is a top-ranked college that puts its efforts into strong academics and lowering tuition costs. For these efforts alone, the college has been further commended. Distance learners may not yet have the chance to learn at Rhodes, but the eventual opportunity is likely to be one of the best available.

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  1. martin sibungo, siseho says:

    i am working for the ministry of agriculture, water and forestry, in the directoratre of forestry as a senior forest technician in namibia. i would like to upgrade my qualification to a b. sc in environmentanl science (honours) so that at least i can move to another level in the directorate. i hold a 3 year diploma in agriculture and financial management.

    i want you to tell me wheter i qualify, and if so how long will it take me to complete and when should i apply for the next academic year if i have to do it in distance and how much will it cost me

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