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Rice University (or, as more fully addressed, William Marsh Rice University) is a research university that is based out of Houston, Texas. Rice University is based on the continually renewing fervor of pushing the boundaries of what is possible while substantiating their efforts with revolutionary results. Most of this is accomplished with research, which has been considered “very high” in activity by the Carnegie Foundation, the “most productive research university in Texas” by the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index, and #1 in the country for materials science research by a variety of sources.

To say the least, Rice University is serious about taking education to its fullest. Student to faculty ratio is 6 to 1, research is alive and charged, and Rice Faculty is ripe with a passion for delivering the finest education available – and then some. As a rapidly changing university of high caliber, distance learning program is only a marginal goal at the moment. As more funding is allotted to groundbreaking research and development, Rice is a chief candidate in introducing a unique distance learning program that will soar above the others.

For now, students can choose from over 60 different majors and minors for an education that goes beyond what is expected. Students have a flourishing range of studies that are all competitive and top quality in each of their individual respects. An undergraduate can take their studies to the field of Biomolecular Engineering, into the realm of Kinesiology, to the rich halls of the Shepherd School of Music, or to the successful atmosphere of Business School.

Faculty is among the top academia in virtually any of the studies conducted at Rice. Since the university hosts heavy research in a variety of departments, scholars, professors, and teachers alike have flocked to Rice University halls for an opportunity to participate. As a result, over 90% of teaching staff at Rice hold terminal degrees in their field, the rest simply hold the second highest degree.

The university makes a copious variety of financial aid sources available to its students. There are state loans, private loans, grants, federal grants, state grants, merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, work-study programs, etc. In other words, a student is not merely at the whim of their income and previous schooling quality. Because of this, the student body is more diverse and filled with people that are inspired to work hard and work smart.

With the amount of funding for Rice’s various endeavors and the quality of Rice’s education, it’s almost miraculous that the university has kept tuition fees beneath $30,000 per year. Undergraduates pay $29,188 per year when enrolled full-time or $1,249 per credit hour if they are enrolled part-time. Credit hours go up in price to $1,541 each in graduate studies, but the annual cost drops to $27,730 per year.

Distance learning is not a given for the future, although, Rice University is beholden to spreading their example across the country. They may just use the internet for this. If and when that happens, distance learners will be able to receive an education, in the purest sense, that is like no other.

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    Please I need full details on the package for this program especially for online Phd?

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