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Rider University is a selective university that is based out of Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Over six thousand students each year come to Rider University to learn about the Sciences, Liberal Arts, Business, Performing Arts and a variety of other matriculating subjects that spread between. The university is a culmination of all different types of students and faculty that take passion in their studies and the studies surrounding.

Rider University makes a good spread of online courses available that are set to satisfy a variety of education choices. Some course titles include, but are not limited to Managerial Uses of Accounting, Life Science: Human Disease Emphasis, Social & Legal Environment of Business, Radio & Television Communication, and Information Systems Essentials. Topics covered are among Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Management Sciences, Music Education, and many more. In other words, although the selection of online courses is incomplete for most majors, one can still satisfy a lot of their requisites using Rider University’s online resources.

To date, Rider University hosts one online baccalaureate degree program which focuses in Business Administration. Completion of this program results in a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration which can be used as a standalone credential or applied towards a higher degree, more commonly the Master of Business Administration. Students applying for this program are expected to have completed 60 credits or an acceptable equivalent. This program is more properly referred to, therefore, as a degree completion program.

Particular focus should be drawn to Rider University’s academic support services. A student can be assisted with preparing their resume, with learning interview skills, with obtaining a job, with tutoring, and even with getting adjusted to their surroundings. In short, Rider University is dedicated to student retention, graduation, and most importantly, success.

This university is a quality institution. It should come as no surprise that full-time education will put an undergraduate well above $20,000 per year, although, graduates pay well beneath. Rider University does not establish a separate rate for online credit hours, but rather an “online course fee” of $35. What this means is that online credits do not differ in price from credits earned on campus. Online learners tack on an additional fee of $35 per course. Fees per credit hour have remained at about $500 across undergraduate, graduate, and online studies.

When considering the available financial aid, one should know that 95% of students at Rider University typically receive financial aid to some extent. 90% of those students are receiving non-repayable tuition aid, which reduces the number of students that have to participate in student loans. The median grant size received from Rider University by a student is $10,544, a good amount on average.

Student to faculty ratio is 13 to 1, class sizes are kept small, and faculty is mostly full-time and terminal degree holding. These are crucial tenets of a university education that all are met by Rider. One can expect only the best from Rider University in the future.

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