Ringling College of Art & Design Distance Learning

Ringling College of Art & Design is a college located in Sarasota, Florida that is a baccalaureate art school leading to credentials in graphics, fine arts, media studies, and liberal arts. At Ringling, students learn about the history of art and design, a plethora of studio arts, and the liberal arts as a part of a four year program that integrates art from all different styles and backgrounds. This terminates in a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration entirely of the student’s choosing.

Being a college of art and design, Ringling faces great difficulty communicating courses, especially those in Studio Arts, over the net. Bearing this in mind, distance learners can rest assured knowing many schools, colleges, institutes, and universities with foci in the arts have successfully, effectively, and quickly integrated distance education programs. It is not a question of if Ringling College will be introducing online education, but when.

To know what Ringling will be offering online in the future, one need only examine the array of possibilities featured on campus. As a general outlook, majors offered at Ringling are among Advertising Design, Digital Filmmaking, Fine Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Interior Design, Game Art & Design, Communications, and many more not listed here. To be more specific about a typical education at Ringling College, one must look at the studies that students pursue.

Every student at Ringling College goes through what is called the “Core Studio” curriculum. As the title describes, students learn of many different arts for an arts education that serves a variety of purposes. One such purpose is so that art students are familiar with the styling of their peers, which means communication between art students (and this communication is vital in the arts) is much more readily understood. In addition, students are given a new perspective that is restructured from the ground up. The Core Studio curriculum has jokingly earned the epithet of an “art boot camp”.

The cost of a typical undergraduate education at Ringling College is $26,050 for a year’s worth of full-time education. Considering the quality, style, and thoroughness of Ringling College’s courses and programs, that’s not a bad price. Per credit hour, a part-time art student would have to pay $1,230. There are many ways to procure financial aid that are put in place to combat the financial difficulties of an education that demands over $25,000 a year.

Federal aid supplies 28% of students at the college and State/Local grants supply 38% of all students. Aside from that, Ringing College of Art & Design itself supplies a third of its students with non-repayable grants leaving 58% of students to partake in student loans. Considering the resources that Ringing College has to build upon, students are receiving a relatively high amount of financial aid. Usually, a higher percentage of students have to take out loans when attending this type of school.

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