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Ripon College is a high quality college of the liberal arts that is located in Ripon, Wisconsin. The main philosophy of Ripon College is to create a scholarly environment where students and faculty work together to a mutual benefit. Ripon College is small, home to just over 1,000 students, which include students from 14 different countries.

Ripon College currently does not feature a distance learning program, nor does it feature online classes. As a high quality college, Ripon will likely take its time in implementing a distance learning program rather than hastily assembling courses that won’t serve a functional purpose. Many liberal arts colleges have successfully launched and maintained online programs. Distance learning programs will arise soon enough.

Topic choice among the liberal arts curriculum at Ripon College is vast, spreading from Economics to Education, to performing arts like Music, to social studies like Latin American & Carribean Studies, and on to common liberal arts topics like Political Science. Students need not fear picking a “bad major” or a subject that has an uncertain future for employment purposes. Every student at Ripon College consults the Career Development center to ensure an education process that ends in a smooth transition to a rewarding career.

Ripon College also features a progressive variety of special programs that go inside and outside the classroom to help students in a variety of ways. The Creative Enterprise Center, for one is an appendage of Ripon College that both employs business majors and offers consultation services to entrepreneurs and other businesses. To name another feature of Ripon College, there is the Ceresco Prairie Conservancy, over 100 acres of wetland habitat, native prairie, and oak savanna, which serves as a place of study for a variety of biological subjects.  Ripon College even schedules a “golden hour” where no classes can be scheduled so that the student body can gather as a whole to schedule events.

Ripon College could be considered a very communal college at that. 95% of students are receiving financial aid from the college itself in a non-repayable format with an average grant size of $12,497 per student. This amount covers just over half the yearly cost of a full-time education. If you are not one of the students that qualifies for aid from Ripon College, then there is a 3 in 10 chance you’ll receive aid from state/local sources and a 4 in 10 chance you’ll receive federal aid.

When speaking of affordability, Ripon College isn’t terribly expensive, but it’s not cheap either. Full-time students will pay the annual cost of $23,970 for tuition purposes. If enrolling on a part-time schedule, students would instead pay $890 per credit hour. There is no graduate level education available at Ripon College, making these rates undergraduate-level rates. For the price, one is receiving a fantastic education and, as more efforts are made to lower the cost of education, tuition rates are likely to decrease in the future.

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