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Rivier College is a Catholic institution of higher learning seated in Nashua, New Hampshire that is based on a liberal arts curriculum. Rivier College makes over 60 different degree programs available to undergraduate and graduate students alike and in a quality setting that is still affordable at the same time. That aside, students get the academic nourishment they need in the comfort of an ethical, Catholic setting.

Those who can’t make it to Rivier College campus can instead take advantage of the college’s distance learning programs, as there are a select few to take advantage of. For the purposes of filling out the academic margins that can’t be achieved with an on campus schedule, there are online classes. For those who intend to earn their degree without setting foot on campus, there are two distance learning degrees featured at Rivier College.

One such online program is the online Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing track. Students participating in the program online can experience their lessons in a video format and also discuss their content and coursework with the professor over Blackboard. Distance learners learn from fully qualified individuals that take the time out to allot individual attention to their students, including online students.  Applicants to this program must have completed 60 credits or their equivalent in a pre-Nursing area.

Another online program leads distance learners to a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. This program is designed for students that generally want to further their knowledge of Psychology and prepare themselves for a broad range of professions within the realm of Psychology. This online program is also an excellent choice for students that want to pursue graduate school after their baccalaureate education.  Generally speaking, students are taken through the requisites of religious study, English, and Algebra before exploring some electives and delving into the behavioral, perceptual, and neurological sciences that comprise modern psychology.

Regardless of what study one pursues, Rivier College supplies the academic support to match, and from a variety of sources. One way Rivier College supports its students is through financial aid, in an effort to remove cost as a factor of choice in higher education. 96% of Rivier College students are receiving grants from the college itself without having to pay it back. The median amount per grant is $6,970 giving students at least a leg up in financing their education.

Online credit hours may have a separate rate than on-campus credit hours, although nothing confirming this is published on any information sites. As a general metric, undergraduate day course credit hours cost $760 a piece and the full time tuition rate is $22,800 per year. Graduates pay drastically less, at $7,812 per year, if enrolled on a full-time schedule or $434 per credit hour when taking class at a part-time rate.  Online education at Rivier College should be reasonably priced overall.

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