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Roanoke College is a college of the liberal arts that shares affiliations with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is located in Salem, Virginia.  Roanoke College takes the unique approach of grounding its students in a classicized liberal arts curriculum while adding modern adaptations to practically apply this experience. Between classics and modernity is the crucial tenet of a Roanoke education which immerses a student in an intensive environment that integrates knowledge with understanding.

It may be the hands-on approach at Roanoke College that is  causing a current lack of distance education programs. The general trend in colleges and universities around the country is that distance learning eventually becomes a part of the curriculum regardless of the type, rank, affiliation, or size of institution. Not if, but when Roanoke College assembles a distance learning platform for online students, it will likely be a unique and intensive environment. This level of quality will take time to administer, but will become available soon enough.

When pertaining to selection in majors and study concentrations, Roanoke is at no lack.  Courses of study vary from common studies, like Business Administration, to less common studies, like Africana Studies, to sciences, like Chemistry, and arts, like Music.  Roanoke even designates a set of Pre-Professional programs in Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, and Ministry.  Analytically speaking, the first distance learning utility to arise from Roanoke College will be either individual general courses, or a graduate-level program in a pre-professional field.

The current realm of education possibilities lies in undergraduate studies. There are currently no graduate level programs. General cost for a distance learning program can be assessed by examining the cost of attending courses on campus.  On campus, a typical undergraduate student will pay $27,210 per year if he/she is enrolled full-time. Credit hours, on campus, are $1,300 a piece. Needless to say, online tuition rates are likely to be relatively high, although, this will not stand without the same quality of education that Roanoke College operates on campus.

Financing an education in excess of $25,000 per year can be difficult for some students, however, all but 3% of students on campus pay the full price of tuition. This is due to the fact that 95% of students on campus are receiving direct financial contributions from Roanoke College itself in a non-repayable format. Other grants are received from federal aid sources, by 16% of Roanoke students, and state/local sources, by 48% of students on average.

It should also be noted that Roanoke College goes outside the box when speaking of course selection. There is always the standard array of traditional courses, like Introduction to Chemistry or Principles of Accounting, but for students that want to take their education outside the conventional lines, there is also a good selection of unique courses. Some of these titles include Rhetorical Aspects of Tourism, Demystifying Food, Scotland Artistic Legacy, Nonverbal Behavior, Forensic Chemistry, and Techniques in Biotechnology.

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