Robert Morris University Distance Learning (Illinois)

Robert Morris University is a multi-campus university that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. At Robert Morris University, education is all about the results that arise from it. If a student desires to work towards a career that they always dreamed of, to participate in a low-cost, accelerated education environment, or even to earn their degree close to home, this is the University to go to.

For now, those who want to earn their degree close to home can only do so in various Illinois cities. Distance learning is not a current capability of this university. Having established that, Robert Morris University is wide and resourceful making it all the more prone to introducing a distance education program soon..

Robert Morris University is comprised of several smaller colleges and institutes that each have their own merits. These are the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Nursing & Health Studies, the Institution of Art & Design, the Institute of Culinary Arts, the Institute of Technology & Media, the School of Business Administration, and the Morris Graduate School of Management. By examining the array of subsidiary institutions, one can already discern that not only is the diversity of education great, but each field has its own dedicated zone of focus. For example, the College of Nursing & Health Studies has its own array of associate and bachelor’s degrees in 9 fields of study with career tracks for professions like Disability Coordinator, Phlebotomist, Surgical Technologist, and many more.

Financial aid is available to virtually anyone who applies for it, as 99% of students are receiving financial aid contributions from any source or combination of sources. 75% of the student body is receiving grant aid from Robert Morris College itself, which does not have to be paid back. 60% of students receive federal grants and a differing 60% receive state and local grants.

Generally speaking, Robert Morris is concentrated on the importance of individualized attention both inside and outside of the classroom. The university bases everything that it does off of its results, rather than basing course selection and delivery be based on the continual inlet of students. Students, in this better, simplified model, can more purely base their course of study off of their passions and achieve their goals more fluidly. This is a key element in the university’s model of success, students motivate themselves heavily when desire meets clarity.

Robert Morris University also frequently partners with neighboring institutions and businesses to provide opportunities well outside what the university itself could normally offer. The university partnered with Cardinal Stritch University resulting in a doctoral degree program in Leadership, to name an instance. This partnership model is also what allows the university to direct students more effectively to their preferred line of work.

Robert Morris University has been recognized by 100 Ways to Cut the High Cost of Attending College as a low-cost college. The university has also been recognized by Great Colleges for the Real World and particularly by U.S. News & World Report in a Specialty School listing.

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