Robert Morris University Distance Learning (Pennsylvania)

Robert Morris University is a private university with professional focus that is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The university provides undergraduate students with 60 different areas of study as well as 20 different graduate tracks to partake in after a four-year education has been completed. Some unique features of the college are the uncommon Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering, a business program which has graduated individuals now holding top corporate positions at companies like PNC and U.S. Steel, and the only nuclear medicine technology program in West Pennsylvania.

Robert Morris University is fully fitted for distance learning and features a strong array of possibilities for distance learners to choose from. One possibility is to take classes part-time to combine with a busy schedule so that a student doesn’t have to commit to something that takes them away from their present occupation. Another possibility is to participate in one of Robert Morris University’s Fully Online Degree Programs.

There is no difference in price per credit hour when learning on campus or online, except for the additional Online Course Fee. The Online Course Fee is $50 per credit.  The cost of a typical credit hour at Robert Morris  University is $640. Full-time students pay the flat rate of $19,190 per year.  Graduate credit hours vary by course of study and are also subject to the additional Online Course Fee.

There are 4 undergraduate degrees that can be earned 100% online from Robert Morris University. These are the Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology, the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration, the Bachelor of Arts in English Studies with a concentration in Technical Writing, and the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Studies. Any of these programs can be started from scratch, without having to obtain an associate degree prior to enrollment.

At the graduate level, there are yet another four degrees that are fully online. These are the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science in Instructional Leadership, the Master of Science in Business Education, and the Master of Science in Organizational Studies. These online programs do require previous credentials to enroll. When earning a graduate-level degree online, it’s important to assess the quality of the education being administered. Distance learners need not fear because Robert Morris University takes care in providing a graduate education that is not lacking in crucial elements and certainly not lacking in quality.

There is even a Pre-Master of Business Administration online program designed to satisfy requirements for an MBA later earned online. This consists of courses such as Economic Literacies, Marketing Principles & Marketing Plans, Management Principles & Organizational Behavior, Accounting Interactive and a few others. Students that have not completed proper undergraduate prerequisites for some courses may have to take an equivalent course to compensate. Like all degrees, these programs are hard work, but will reward a student just the same.

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