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Roberts Wesleyan College is a Christian college of the liberal arts that is located at Rochester, New York. This college is a prominent institution in higher learning in that it has consistently been recognized as a top-notch college since not long after its founding. U.S. News & World Report identifies Roberts Wesleyan College as a “Best Value” school.

Roberts Wesleyan College is ripe with opportunities on campus, but also features some programs that can be taken advantage of online.  Whether or not individual online classes are available is not known and there is no posted information regarding this. Most likely, students enrolling at a distance must choose an online degree program and won’t be able to complete any other majors than what is featured online.

One of the online degree programs offered at Roberts Wesleyan is the modular Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This online program is designed to provide an accredited online alternative to the traditional means of procuring a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Students work with one another to share common interests and form a cohort group that supports each individual student as they progress through the program. Class is taught in workshop-style and seminar-style classes that are centered around the development of careers, supervision and management, comprehensive assessment, and communally based care.

For business types, Roberts Wesleyan presents what they believe to be the next generation graduate business degree.  This is the Master of Science in Strategic Leadership, with a coursework pattern and selected curriculum that is identical to the MSSL program offered on campus since 1996. Students learn about organizational leadership, the ethics involved, strategic leadership, and the various business-related essentials like Marketing, Finance, Accounting, etc. What is unique about this program is that it seeks to create not just an administrator, but an individual that understands the workings of everything beneath his/her chain of command, with strategical education to strengthen his/her decision making.

Each online program currently featured at Roberts Wesleyan College has its own rates attached. The Master of Science in Strategic Leadership comes at the cost of $810 per credit hour. This includes books and student materials.  There is no publication regarding the cost of the online Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, although,  with the MSSL program (materials included) costing about $200 more than a credit hour on campus, the cost of the RN – BSN program is likely to follow a similar increase in price from the cost of an undergraduate credit: $680.

Students register online for various scholarships when participating in the Nursing program. Roberts Wesleyan itself offers a Registered Nurse Scholarship, as well as some other resources to help obtain grant-type aid for their tuition costs. For the Master of Science program, there is a limited number of merit-based scholarships being awarded to qualifying students. For alumni of RWC, there is a 10% Legacy Scholarship for the admission of this program.

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